Sister of the Gods wwffy/wwyff part 6

Ok in the last one you and Chase laugh and giggle and hold hands. Anthony storms out the boys leave you with breakfast, you are eavesdropping and this is in Johnny’s P.O.V.

Chapter 1

OK lets start. Johnny’s P.O.V.

We watched as Chase entered into the living room, smile on his face, like he was remembering something, somewhere between funny and nice...
“What WAS that!?!” Oh great Anthony kicks the ball off…
“What Anthony?” Chase oh so naïve..
“You and Lake. The giggling and the laughing. The blushing!”
“Anthony. I was walking Lake to the kitchen for FOOD. You know the human concept of needing fuel to survive. And she said something, it was funny we laughed, it was slightly rude, I blushed.”
“Chase, we’re getting off track. Anthony more importantly why was she tied to your bed, and covered in cuts and ‘bruises’?”
“Shawn do we have to talk about that?!?”
“YES WE F%CKING DO!!” Max yelled from his seat by the window.
“Whoa Max! Didn’t know you cared. Fine I’ll tell you! I was walking in the human world, as you know cause I needed to fed, she is a pure blooded one. I couldn’t let her go! Besides, she reminds me of my girlfriend from 1523. You know the half set of twins?”
“Oh yeah! I remember! You and your brother went out with a pair of twins and r&ped them!”
Shawn looked slightly amused. “I once found a pair of twins!”
“Did you? Shawn how were they?”
“They were lying in a forest covered in blood. I ripped one apart and I changed the other one…”
“That’s kind of sad..” No no no. Stupid thing to say! “Have any of the rest of you got stories to tell?”
A murmur of no’s “Yeah.” Oh come on, Chase. “I found these girls in a forest dying, took one to Heaven. The gods flipped out. Lucifer even asked me if a girl was with her. Like he thought it was her who did it. When I brought her to them, she looked half amused half scared. Then Lucifer said something like ‘Hú, wèishéme yào nàme zuò, hàn nà’ she replied with ‘Lù xi, nǐ zhīdào wǒ cóng méi xiǎngguò yào shānghài tā de. Dàn nǐ huì ma?’ I think it’s in gods tongue but I don’t know.”
I have a gods tongue dictionary, should I tell them? “Hey guys I have a gods tongue dictionary, we could translate…”
I ran upstairs, through the kitchen, Lake was eating her breakfast and staring at the woods, lost in thought, I ran into my room, what a mess, I quickly found the book and carried it downstairs, back to the telly room and set it in front of Chase, he would know what to do..
After five minutes he said “‘Hú, wèishéme yào nàme zuò, hàn nà?’ means roughly ‘Child why would you do this to Hannah?’ and ‘Lù xi, nǐ zhīdào wǒ cóng méi xiǎngguò yào shānghài tā de. Dàn nǐ huì ma?’ roughly means ‘God, you know I would never dream of hurting her. But would you?’”
“Chase, what did the girl look like?”
“She had three scars on her left jaw bone…”
“So this chick is kick-ass?”
“No Max, I think she knows the gods.”
“What?!? How Johnny?”
“Listen, in the Bobingal, remember the story of the twins, River and Hannah? River had three scars on her left jaw, the sign she was a traitor to the gods. I think that girl was River. We know Hannah’s dead. But how? I think the girls Chase brought to heaven were the dying Hannah, and River…”
There was silence and then Chase asked, “Anthony read Lakes mind please.”
Silence “I can’t, there’s a wall. I can’t get through!”
“Strange. Max read Lakes emotions please.”
Silence “I can’t really get anything. Just poker face...”
“Hmmmm… Shawn try and read Lakes aura please.”
More silence “Nothing. Other than its very strong I can’t get anything…”
The silence was defining. But all was saved by Roland “Why would you ask that? And do you think we should tell Lake? About us?”
“Roland, that is exactly what we must do!”
Shawn jumped up. “I’ll go get her!” And then he sped off. Leaving the rest of us to seething in our seats…


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