Please help!i have a huge belly but...

Chapter 1

Help me please!

by: Wazzup730
Ok,so I weigh around 145 pounds.i am about 5 feet tall and have a waistline of 39 inches.My belly is pretty big.Part of me wants to lose weight but part of me does not.This may seem weird but I kinda love how fat round and soft my belly is...I love to massage it,grab it,and slap it.(weird right?)so I cannot decided to lose weight or not...I am worried if I do not lose weight I will develop health issues!other times i just want to stuff myself and get fatter and,pleaseanswer me a few things.....should I lose weight or not?is there any way to make your belly bloat without eating a lot ?do you think I am fat?please give me advice!


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