A Thousand Memories

This story is fiction and tells you, the reader, about a girl with a thousand memories. The twist, which is quite odd, is that the memories aren't her own. Continue reading to let the story unfold.

Chapter 1

The First Memory

by: SynysterG
The first memory I had was of a young girl. She was swinging underneath a vast green oak tree. The rope strong, the branch ever holding her young body. She was swinging at dusk, the glow of the setting sun outlining her long and dark brown hair. I don't know how this came to me, to my mind. It seemed to be the memory of someone watching the little girl, perhaps a mother or father.

I've never known where these memories came from, the core source of them all. I've told my mother about them, she says I'm imagining things. I try to make her believe, to understand, but she refuses. She told me that if I were to ever talk about these memories to her, or anyone else, I would get in big trouble. I kept to myself, about everything. I almost never talked to others. I never let the truth about myself go free. Never.

I would have so many memories a day, sometimes an overwhelming amount. I never knew from whom they came. I never knew what to do with them. I see so many memories. Women walking down beautiful chapel aisles, flowing white dresses trailing behind them. Little boys wrestling in the yard, mud staining their once clean clothes. A whole aray of memories would come flooding into my mind at random. I would never know when the next memory would pop up.

One day, a certain memory would flow into my mind. Over and over, I would see the same memory. I didn't know what it meant until.....

This story will be continued in chapters, please read and enjoy.

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