Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions

Are you already struggling with keeping your resolutions? Are you discouraged because you didn't do so well in keeping them last year? Or are you just looking for some ideas to keep you motivated? Well you have come to the right place! Here I've listed several tips and tricks for keeping your New Years resolutions. Hopefully you will find something that can help you achieve your goals.

Good luck, and Happy New Year!
~Ithilwen :)

Chapter 4

Extra Tips, Tricks, and Ideas to Have Fun Throughout the Year

by: Ithilwen
Maybe you have no resolutions, or you are all set on the ones you do have. Maybe all you need now are some fun ways to enjoy your New Year? Below is a short list of some things you can do throughout the year - some are resolution related while others are fun ideas you can try out regardless of your New Year goals.

- Come up with a single word that you would like to represent your New Year. This word could be a theme for your resolutions, a frame of mind that you’d like to encourage, or something else. Examples of words could be simplicity, adventure, achieve, fellowship, service, etc. Print this word out in an appropriate font and hang it somewhere to remind and encourage you for the rest of the year.

- Write your resolutions down on individual pieces of paper. After you accomplish a goal, burn the paper or perform some other ceremonial acknowledgment that you have accomplished it.

- Whenever something good happens... whether it be a big event or a small joy, something that happened to you or something you read about in the news… write it down on some fun paper, fold, and then place into a "memories jar." At the end of the year, go through the jar to remind yourself of all the positive things that year held.

- Pick out a few random days in the year and plan to make these your "Random Acts of Kindness" days. You could make or buy something to send to a friend, volunteer at an organization, drop in on a neighbor and offer to help them out, write an encouraging letter or note and send to a random address, offer to pay for a stranger’s meal at a restaurant, or even go out in public with a sign that says "free hugs." If you plan ahead, you will have time to come up with ideas, set aside time or money, etc. And who knows? By the time you reach that date, you may need the joy that comes from being kind to others.

- Challenge yourself beyond your resolutions. Try setting a goal for the number of books you want to read that year (you can make an account on and keep track of your progress), vow to make a new craft project every other week, learn your favorite quote or song in other languages, or take on a photography challenge (this website has a good one: Whatever captures your interest, keep things fresh throughout the year by branching out and trying something fun and interesting!

I hope that you found some of these tips beneficial toward your resolution(s). Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these ideas, would like more information, or have any corrections to report/ideas of your own to submit!

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