My Song Book

Hey everyone! Why are you reading this? My Songs are below Love you!

Chapter 1

Fade Away

My mind cant be set to ease,
You say,
Im just a good friend,
I can't help it.

But I want to be more,
I tried to make these feelings,
Hide away,

In hope they,
Would fade way,
Maybe someday.

We could find away,
To be together,
And let all of our worries fade away,

Yeah i guess.
I said it now,
You can run away,
From me,

Because this this how,
It's always going to be,
Me and you.

Being just friends,
We try to to pretend,
Like we'll be their for each other,
In the end.

But I know that would never happen,
And nobody will win,
In the end.
-Danielle Marie

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