How to bring back Cod zombies Startup script

this is how i think zombies should continue, if anyone coul send tis to treyarch, please do

Chapter 1

How the start up video should go

by: ben44134
Shows nickolai, takeo, dempsy and rictofen fighting all the zombies in all of the previous maps, then the world being blown up. Rictofen yells in success, ive done it, ive done it hahaha. (Screen fades to darkness)
Dempsy: rictofen, rictofen wake up you son of a bch. Kicks rictofen
(screen shows riftofen knocked out on the floor with dempsy, nickolai and takeo standing behind him)
Nickolai: (screams) ah is he dead?
Dempsy: its hard to tell, he’s the doctor, besides we all have thought you were dead plenty of times
Nickolai: ah yes but I was just passed out
Takeo: dempsy Kick him harder
dempsy kicks rictofen harder
Rictofen wakes up and yells: ahh my Kugeln (balls), why would you do that dempsy?
Dempsy: you were knocked out
Rictofen: were are we, the moon?
Nickolai: no were back on earth
Rictofen: no it cant be possible, how is it possible?
Takeo: well we used your time machine, to bring us back
Rictofen: you insolent fools, why would you do such a thing?
Dempsy: because you killed millions of people and destroyed earth, so every thing is back to normal, well almost everything.
Rictofen: what do you mean.
zombie breaks through the wall
Takeo turns around and shoots it
Rictofen: oh shizza, my lifes plan ruined.
Takeo gets shot by rictofen
A Rather tall man lights a smoke and walks in through the shadow and says: Now why the hell would you do something like that?
Rictofen: I must ask who are you?
Tall Man: I am Rakaiya Mortage
Dempsy: We found him, and he was Loyal Enough to give us a place to help you.
(Flash back) Dempsy walks up to the man and greets him, then puts a gun to his head and gets and threatens him, so he shows them a place for rictofen to stay.
Rakaiya: and here we are.
Rictofen gets up and hits rakaiya with a pistol, rakaiya laughs then throws him to the ground

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