Moments- Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Moments- Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Hey! This is something i've been working a while on and i hope you like it! Louis is my favorite member and i really tried to make this a truly amazing love story of forbidden love. Comments and criticism are welcomed :) Enjoy!

Chapter 1


by: 1D4Life
"I don't understand what all the fuss is about." I said to my friend Emily. It was a hot day in Australia and everyone was at the beach. We were walking across the sandy dunes to find a nice spot by the water to try and get a nice tan. We laid our beach chairs out and applied our sunscreen and kept our shades on to keep the sun out of our eyes.
"I don't know." She said looking around. We heard screams from a few yards away and didn’t pay much attention to it. We were both in a comfortable position just lying on our chairs when a large shadow started to block the sun. I looked up and tilted my shades down a bit to find a huge crowd coming our way.
"What’s that?" Emily asked. I looked closer and the crowd was only a few feet away by this point. A reporter was holding a microphone out to a young guy in a surfer suit who was "holding" himself with another young guy walking next to him dressed the same way. They seemed to be answering questions. As they came closer the shadow grew bigger and I could hear his British accent. It was quite attractive. As he passed me by he looked at me and winked! He was actually kind of cute.
"Did you see that?" Emily announced.
"See what?" I said.
"He totally just checked you out! He just winked at you!" She said with excitement.
"So?" She said.
"You do know who that is right!?" She said. I shook my head and her jaw dropped.
"Victoria, who is your all time favorite British pop star?" She questioned me. My eyes bulged behind my glasses and I could feel my eyebrows rise in astonishment.
"No way. It couldn’t be!" Louis Tomlinson was my all time favorite member of the hit British boy band One Direction. And he just winked and made eye contact with me!? But how could I not recognize him? Emily just shook her head while biting her lip, her eyebrows raised as well. I started to laugh nervously and started to get the chills, a really good kind of chills though. I squealed a little bit and calmed down to breath.
"Do you think they'll come back?" I asked her. She shrugged.
"I don't know, maybe." She said. After we calmed ourselves down we resumed our tanning session. About an hour later Emily was completely passed out and I got up and went to the water to stretch my legs. I stood close enough to the water so that the tiny waves rolled over my feet cooling them down from the hot sand. I searched the ground for tiny seashells and just looked around at the scenery, seeing that it was such a beautiful day today. The small breeze felt good against my skin and the water was as sparkly as ever. The beach was emptying out by now since we got here late to begin with, and soon only a few people were spread across the long beach. I heard a few distant screams and immediately my 1D radar kicked in. I turned to Emily who was still asleep and saw the same two familiar boys, an older man, and no reporters. The girls were walking with them asking them questions before being shooed off by the older man. The boys hugged each girl and waved goodbye to them. I saw Louis whisper to Liam (the band member who was with him) and Liam laughed. They walked passed our chairs and Louis looked over, then behind him, then to one side, then the other. Could he be looking for me? Nah. Why would he be looking for me? They kept walking and ran over to Emily waking her up.
"What?!" She said with a panic.
"Louis Tomlinson just walked by and I think he was looking for me!" She looked to both sides and saw which way they were going.
"Which way?" I pointed to the way they were heading.
"Let's go then!" We both left our things behind and ran into the direction that they went. Sprinting faster and faster with every stride.

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