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Chapter 1

Subject of contest: Photo fun

Okay, so below is a link of my "buddy" (the fake apple), and he is sitting in front of my phone "texting." haha. So here are the guide lines:

- Tell me what you think the apple is thinking
- Tell me who you think he's texting
-Tell me what you think the text says :)

Stupid, but fun :)

Please write your answers in the comments on THIS story, and NOT the photo please :)

This is an opinionated, fun, contest, so there are no right or wrong answers :)

I'm picking the top 3 winners, on how creative they are... So GET CREATIVE! It can be anything! :) have fun!

Deadline: THIS Friday (today is Monday)

Good luck! :)

Xoxo, Rio :)

Photo link:


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