The Slayer

Hey guys, this is just a story I wrote really fast. Can you please give me opinions and ideas on how I could improve? Thanks!

Chapter 1

The Slayer

by: Mikey_
I was sitting in my old wood chair, reading a newknowing not knowing that tonight would change my life forever.
I had just started a new chapter when the phone rang. I looked at my clock, and saw that it was ten o'clock at night. Who would be calling at this time? I was especially confused, because I had almost no family, and few friends. I walked over and picked up the phone.
"Be at the abandoned warehouse near the dump tomorrow. Don't come, and you will be sorry. Very, very sorry." The line clicked.
I sat down, and started thinking. Should I go to the warehouse? The man might actually hurt me if I didn't, but he also might not follow through on his threat. What was the safest choice?
I the end, I decided that I would go. I had nothing to lose if I didn't. My name is Cameron Phillips. I am nineteen years old. I live in rural Iowa. I have no parents or friends. Literally, no friends. My dad died of Ebola when I was six, and my mother had died in childbirth. The only family I had was a rich uncle who lived in Italy who I had never met. I thought over these facts and came to a conclusion.
I had nothing to lose.

I arrived at the warehouse at eleven AM. The man on the phone hadn't said what time to be there, so I figured that if he wasn't here, I would check back every two hours. I locked my bike to a rail, and opened the rusty old door of the warehouse.
It smelled like a sewer in there. I walked in, and the door slammed shut behind me.
I whirled around, expecting someone to be there, but it was just empty air. I put my back against the wall. I didn't want anyone sneaking up on me.
For about five minutes nothing happened. I started to relax, so I could figure out a way out. I looked around, and saw something hurtling towards me incredibly fast right at my chest.
I before it hit me, I registered that it was a stick, about a foot long, made of wood. It was smooth and polished, and looked incredibly deadly.
Then I realized I still had not been hit. It looked like the stick, which had need moving probably close to ninety miles per hour before, was moving like the air was molasses. It was like time had slowed down. I walked up and went to grab the thing out of the air.
That was a mistake.
As soon as I took my back off the wall, something slipped behind me incredibly fast, so fast I didn't even have the time to spin before I was in a chokehold.
Something was squeezing me incredibly tight around the neck. I couldn't breathe at all. The edges of my vision were starting to black out when I finally was released.
I fell to the ground, gasping for breath. I still felt lightheaded. I rolled over and stared at my attacker. My vision was getting more blurry. Before I blacked out, I heard him say, "Well, you'll have to do. Congratulations. You're going to become the next Slayer."

When I woke up, I was in a car. I looked at the driver, and it was the man who had attacked me. He glanced over.
"Oh, good, you're awake," he said.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"My name is Dominic."
"What do you want with me?"
"I'll tell you tomorrow."
It went on like this for a bit, but I didn't find out anything. I just looked out the window for the rest of the ride.
When we arrived at our destination, it was an old house. Like, ancient, old. Dominic and I went inside. He was still not telling me anything.
By that point, it was dark, so Dominic just told me where to sleep, and I blacked out on my bed.

I was shaken awake at four in the morning. Dominic was standing over me.
"My god boy, what does it take to wake you up?" he asked.
"Eight o'clock," I said, and rolled over, about to fall asleep.
I heard him curse, and then he splashed a whole bucket of water on my head.
I jumped out of bed, and started shouting every swear I knew at him.
"Alright, all right, that's enough," he said. "I am going to start teaching you today."
I stopped talking. Now, I would finally find out why I was here.
"The sooner, you get dressed, the sooner that I will talk to you and explain everything," he said.
I was about to get dressed, but then I realized that all my clothes were at my house. I went to tell Dominic this, and he said he had gotten me clothes, and that they were in the closet. He also said I should choose something from the 'workout clothes.'
I went back upstairs, and checked out the clothes. They were all black. My favorite color.
I chose a sleeveless tee and a pair of cargo pants, put on a pair of sneakers, and went back down.
"How did you know my shoe size?" I asked Dominic.
"When I was choosing you, I did an incredible amount of research. I know almost everything about you. Here, have some breakfast," he said, and handed me a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and pork sausage links. I took the plate and sat down at a long mahogany table.
"So," I started, "why did you want me?"
Dominic sat down at the table. He looked me in the eye. "I am a vampire slayer. I wanted you because you have the potential to become one too. I want to train you. You must become my successor."
I stared at him. This was crazy. Slayers and vampires exist, everyone knows that, but this was crazy. "What do you mean, I have potential? What makes me different?"
Dominic took a sip of coffee. "Remember yesterday in the warehouse, when I threw my stake at you? What did you feel like?"
I thought. I had felt frightened, I guess. I was unsure what Dominic meant. Then I remembered something.
Time slowed down…
What had that been?
"You will be a slayer," Dominic said, "Slayers have special abilities that they start to develop when they turn eighteen. Speed comes first. Then a general increase in sensory awareness, about a month later. They can identify people by the sound of their footsteps, or their smell. Their vision becomes perfect, including accuracy. That is incredibly useful when throwing the stakes. Generally, the stakes are too bulky carry more than about four or five at a time, so if you lose them with bad aim, you could be done for. Third, comes your strength."
"Strength?" I asked.
Dominic raised an eyebrow, then got up and walked over to a marble statue. It was about as big as me. He grabbed it with one hand, picked it up, and threw it out the window.
I sat in shock, then asked, "When can we start training?"

After a couple of months of training, Dominic got a job. While we were on the road to the location, he filled me in on what was happening.
"The house we are going to is a mansion in a small town. There have been several attacks on the village. The villagers hired a shank, and he tracked it to the mansion, but then it got him."
I was confused. "What is a 'shank'?''
"It's kind of like a Rent-a-Cop for slayers. They call themselves slayers, but any real slayer calls them shanks. They hate the name."
I was still confused, but I nodded. Dominic kept talking.
"Our job is to go stay in the mansion for a few weeks, and get the vamp. The faster we get the thing, the better. We really do not want these people to be attacked any longer."
I was a little bit frightened of my first encounter with a vampire. Maybe I wasn't ready yet. Maybe I would get hurt. I didn't know what to do.
I started thinking about my mother. I could not remember her at all. I had a picture of her, but I knew next to nothing about her. Her name had been Patricia. Apparently, when I was born, my father had not been there. He had been in China on a business trip, so no one had been there when mom died. Apparently, she had brought me home from the hospital, and died that night. The doctors said it was because she had lost too much blood in childbirth. So she died, then when I was six Dad died, and I got sent to the orphanage, never to be adopted, to be released when I turned eighteen with no friends or family except a rich uncle in Italy, who I never had met and probably didn't care a bit about me.
Dominic's voice shook me out of my thoughts. "One other thing. Reach into the back seat. There should be a satchel back there. Open it."
I did what he said and reached around. I grabbed the black satchel-or as I called them, Man-purses- and reached inside. Several things came out. First was a belt with some clips on it. It was black, like my clothes. I put it on, then kept unpacking.
There was a vial of garlic juice. That was good. Then, there were four stakes.
I felt excited, proud, and victorious all at the same time. Getting your stakes was a huge achievement. I had gotten mine in only a couple months. Most people took almost a year. Even Dominic had taken six months. I must have been the first person ever to get them this fast. I spent the rest of the ride staring at my new tools in wonder.

When we got to the house, there was a small crowd of people waiting for us at the front. Dominic and I got out and walked to the door. A man approached Dominic and asked, "You the slayer?"
"Yes," Dominic replied, "I am Dominic, and this is my apprentice, Cameron. We understand that there is a vampire in this house?"
"Yeah. Thing's taken four people so far. We want it out. You're gonna get it out. And you ain't leavin' till you do."
Several of the townspeople picked up guns. Heh. Dominic could kill them all without any of his tools.
But Dominic didn't get angry. He just smiled and said, "Very well. We will take care of it," and we walked into the house.
With the crowd still outside, Dominic and I stood in the entrance of the mansion. He sniffed the air, and said, "Yeah there's a vamp here. Definitely. Get ready for a fight."
I was shocked. I hadn't been expecting to fight so soon. I thought that we would have to hunt for it first, but I guess not. I sniffed the air too, but I couldn't smell anything strange. My second 'ability', the sensory awareness increase, had come to me about a month ago. I sniffed again. The house smelled musty. Then I realized that there was another, underlying scent. It smelled like salt, and rust, and sulfur. That must have been the smell of a vampire. I clipped my stakes onto my belt. "Where is it?" I asked.
"Probably the attic. They like the dark, high places. They can blend into the dark, and being high gives them a better chance to escape."
This made sense. We started up the stairs. It was a long climb, and when we got to the top, the attic was musty, uncomfortable.
We stood in the center of the room, and looked for any signs of movement. Then someone spoke.
"Well, well, a slayer and his apprentice. Welcome to my abode."
Dominic and I turned quickly and faced the vampire. It had brown hair and a pleasant complexion. The only thing that looked vampirish was the red eyes.
Suddenly it looked surprised. It stared at me and said, "You! You smell exactly like that baby! The one that I killed the mother! Patricia Phillips!"
I was in shock. This thing had killed my mother? Fine. It was go time.
I leaped toward the vampire, stake in hand, ready to kill. The thing smiled. Then it punched a hole through my chest.
I fell to the floor, blood gushing. I could hear the thing laughing. There was a sickening thud, and it fell to the floor. Good job, Dominic.
I looked up, and there was a light. I saw my father, and someone who had to be my mother. I floated up toward them happy to be free. Below, I heard Dominic scream, "CAAAAMMMMEEEERRRRRRROOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!!!"

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