I told my friend I like her, what do I do now?

I'm lesbian and I told my friend I like her what do I do now?

Chapter 1

What do I do know?

So i'm lesbian and I told my friend I like her and she freaked out. I don't think she wants to be my friend anymore. She promised that she wasn't gonna tell anyone but i'm afraid she will tell my other friends. This is how it started. We were just hanging out at school on a Tuesday, we were talking about random things then she tells me who I like, I didn't wanna tell her cuz she has no idea that i'm les and i like her. Hours later i still didn't tell her and we were already in class, then she told me again who i like and i still didn't tell her. I told her i would tell her after the bell rings to go home. After the bell rings she comes running up to me and tells me again who I like, i wrote it down on a paper that said, "I like you" I gave it to her, she read it, and just screamed "EWWWWWWW!!!!" and ran away. She told me "Are you lesbian?" and I said "Yes" she ran away faster and screamed ewwwwwww louder. I told her i wasn't gonna do anything to her like kiss her or something like that. I caught up to her and said "Are you scared of me?" and she said "You're nasty." What am i supposed to do now? Will she tell my other friends? Will she tell my best friend? Will she ever talk to me again? Will she ever look at me again? Will she still be my friend? I'm scared can you please help me and tell me what to do about my problem?!?!?! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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