Quidditch Is Our Passion, Love Is Our Game.....(Oliver Wood Love Story)

Quidditch Is Our Passion, Love Is Our Game.....(Oliver Wood Love Story)

Hope you like it:))

Chapter 4

Making Up

The next morning I found Oliver waiting for me in the common room, but got away by hidding acting like Isa! Great thing I have a twin.
"What's wrong?,"asked Fred as soon as I sat down.
"What do you mean?,"I asked as if nothing was wrong.
"Well, you're sitting alone...without Oliver,"replied George.
"Who is coming this way,"said Fred. I looked up and sure enough Oliver was maing his way over.
"Gotta go,"I simply replied standing up and walking away. I had to pass through him, there was no other way around. I started to walk, but he quickly grabbed my arm.
"Bella, let me explain,"he said with a pleading voice. I turn to see Isa, Cedric, Fred, Georger, Ron, Ginny, Harry, and Hermione looking at us. When they met my eyes they quicly turned away.
"Why don't you explain to the girl you like,"I simply stated getting my arm back and storming off.

Oliver's POV

"That's what I'm trying to do,"I whispered as she left.
I watched her leave, angry at me. As soon as she left I sat down next to Cedric, who was sitting in the Gryffindor table, and punched the table.
"The table did nothing to you,"said Fred or George, I can never figure them apart.
"Yeah, it has feelings too ya know,"said the other.
"Right I now, I really don't care,"I replied with the truth.
"What happened?,"asked Isa.
I took a deep a breath before I explained the whole to her and the rest who were listening.
"Oh, Oliver! You used the wrong words, and you know hoe Bella is!,"exclaimed Hermione after I was done.
"She's right, but maybe we can help you out,"said Isa with a little smirk. That told she had a plan, her plans are always brilliant!
"And how?,"I asked back.
She started to whisper, telling us the plan. Everybody had a huge part in it, this better work!

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