Quidditch Is Our Passion, Love Is Our Game.....(Oliver Wood Love Story)

Quidditch Is Our Passion, Love Is Our Game.....(Oliver Wood Love Story)

Hope you like it:))

Chapter 3

You Made The Team!

I looked as he walked away with a confused look. Oliver likes someone and he hasn't told me? This I have to see.
I got up and followed him, I knew exactly were he would be. A place he was goes when he need to think, the quidditch field!
"Oliver,"I called out as he got in his broom and flew up into the night sky.
"Fly up,"he exclaimed, just then my broom appeared in front of me. I smiled and got on.
"So, you are going to get a girlfriend, huh?,"I asked as he passed me the Quaffle.
"Maybe, depends on her,"he replied as he flew towards me.
"You never told you liked someone,"I replied ducking him with a slight smirk.
"Maybe I didn't want you to know,"he simply said flying towards me and stopping in front of me.
"You didn't want you best friend to know?,"I questioned kinda hurt, I thought we had a better friendship.
"Awe, come on, you know I didn't mean it like that....,"he started to say but I cut him off.
"Its getting late, and I think it's time to go to bed,"I replied flying off. I heard him call my name, but left it like that. I didn't want this to turned into an even bigger fight, and if I knew myself as much as I think I do, if I would I've stayed I would of made it into a bigger fight.
I put my broom away and went directly to my room, and layed in my bed. Isa knew, jus by expresiion, that I wouldn't like to talk about it.
I seriously thought Oliver and I could tell everything to each other, guess I was wrong.

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