Quidditch Is Our Passion, Love Is Our Game.....(Oliver Wood Love Story)

Quidditch Is Our Passion, Love Is Our Game.....(Oliver Wood Love Story)

Hope you like it:))

Chapter 2

What A Day

"Isa, watch out!,"I yelled from across the field. She had the Quaffle, and some idiot trying out for for Beater threw a Bludger right at her head. Luckly she turned just in time to duck it.
We've been at try-outs since the sun came out, and everybody is mainly okay or good. Ginny was doing great, and Isa and I are excellent, like always.
"Okay, I say we call it a day, tomorrow I'll post up the team list,"said Oliver smiling my way.
Isa, Ginny, George, Fred, and I all landed on the ground at the same time. We gave each other a smile and a nod, we knew we had done a great job.
"Great job, Weasley's made the fiels their homes,"said Harry landing next to us.
"Potter didn't do that bad, either,"replied Isa.
"Or wood,"I said as Oliver landed next to me.
"Yeah, but no matter what happens, I will be on the team. Is the best part about being the captain,"he replied.
"Come on, let's go eat,"I said hitting him playfully.
"Sure, but let's go tae a quick shower and different clothes,"said Ginny. We all agreed and went to the locke room.
"Okay, remember, we only have twenty minutes,"I said as I turned on the shower. Good thing I'm not one of those girly girls who take two hours to get ready, I'll be done in no time.

"How was practice?,"asked Neville as he sat beside us.
"Brilliant,"we all replied, that's the only way to describe it.
We continue to laugh and talk the rest of dinner. Cedric came and sat with us somewhere along the night.
"Hey, how about I make you a deal?,"Cedric asked Isa.
"Sure?,"she replied unsure about this, and so was I.
"If you make the team, I'll take you out on Saturday night,"he said. I felt my mouth drop a little, Oliver, who was next to me, started to laugh.
"Like on a date?,"asked Isa in disbelieve. Cedric simply nodded and Isa agreed. After that Cedric left with a smile on his face.
"And you're welcome,"said Oliver. We all gave him a confused look,"Cedric has like you for a while now, and I kinda told him how you felt."
Isa quickly hugged him, and I knew she felt like she owed Oliver her life.
"Now if only you can find a girlfriend for yourself,"I said as I grabbed a treat. I saw him look at me and smile.
"Maybe I will,"he simply replied before getting up and leaving.

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