The Revenge of Hades; All Hell Arises

Nico has disappeared. No one knows where he is, and Hades is //mad//.
Hades just knows that Zues has something to do with it. So what does Hades do? He decides to put a curse on Zues' pretty little camp. And now bad things are happening all around. Travis Stoll has drowned, Annabeth keeps getting injured, and now Percy's little sister, that noone knew he had, gets thrown into the mix. Now 10 demi-gods have set off to find Nico before Hades cripples the camp, and their hearts, forever.

Chapter 1

Christamalina Rosalinda Greco (Just Call Me Malina)

"Percy, do you HAVE to leave?" I ask him for the millionth time. I mean, I just found out that I had a brother, and now he has to leave me. We could be twins, if it weren't for the 3 year age difference. "I already told you Malina! My mom wants me back in NYC by Saturday. And I'm not missing my friend's funeral,Malina. Travis' brother is so messed up..." I give him the same excuse I've been using for days. "Why can't you take a plane on Sunday night or something?" He smirks at me as we walk down the stairs. "One: I SO cannot leave my car." I sigh because that is honestly the only argument he has. "And Two: Sunday's after Saturday, smart one." Great. I've had a brother for exactly two weeks, and I already despise him for being right.

I help Percy with his bags, even though he's insisted on carrying them himself. When the last bag is in his trunk, he walks over to me. He looks me up and down, taking in my stance. Fists clenched, slightly on my toes, and barely containing tears. One tear slides down my cheek, and I reach up to quickley wipe it away. But his hands beat me to it. He wipes my tears away and gives me a half smile. I start to cry and he hugs me. "I'll be back so soon, Malina. You honestly won't have time to miss me!" I scoffed at his comment then, not knoing how soon I would see my brother. I watch as he drives away from me, away from Detroit. I wave until he's out of sight, and even after I know he's gone. I keep on waving, holding on to my big brother.

I walk numbly up the front steps, and hear my Mother talking to me. I understand her immediately and answer her. But only then do I realize she is not speaking in English. You see, I am a pure Italian, but speaking Italiano is a rarity in our house. My mother wants to leave Italy behind...but I can't stop holding on. She's made Italian foods and keeps on brushing my hair back and saying nice things that I simply cannot stand. I stand up so suddenly that my Mom jumps and my chair falls. I don't wait to see what she does or says, I just run to my room and slam the door. I throw my pillow at the window and it quivers for a few moments. I stare at the picture of me and Percy at Lake Michigan that i put on my nightstand. I start to cry. I cry for hours until i run completely dry, but even then dry sobs escape me.

I stare up at my ceiling, painted intricately in the way you would see the world if you were under the ocean's surface. Bubbles line the walls, accoumpanied by dolphins and turtles. Along with my silky blue sheets, I feel submerged. I smile slightly at the feeling, but I remember that I have no one who cares anymore. Percy loved my room...As I said, we are EXACTLY the same. I drift off, dreaming of rocking in the waves, feeling the ocean breeze, and hearing a soothing voice calling my name...

I groan and r oll over, the previpous day rushing into my mind. I lay there for who knows how long staring at my picture of Percy. I roll over and look at my alarm clock, and see its 6:30...SIX-THIRTY!!! I jump up and run to my closet, and quickly pickl out my favorite dress layered with blacks, blues, and teals. I brush my hair and straighten out the blue streaks. I would usually sit and do something crazy with it, or sit and admire the natural black that i've always loved. But today...i'm a little pressed for time. I run around my room grabbing all my homework and school things. After debateing with myself for 5 minutes, I grab the picture of me and Percy and stuff it in my backpack. It is certainly locker-worthy. I run through the house and quickly skim the note my Mom left. Nothing of importance, as usual. I grab an orange and eat it in record time. As I throw away the peel, I glance at the clock. 7:05. I sigh in relief and hurry out the door, just catching the bus.

I step off the bus and a burst of hot air warms my face. I look around and easily catch sight of bright red hair. "RYAN!!!" I shout. I know its him anyway, considering he's the only known ginger in the city of Detroit...I think. He turns and flashes me a happy-go-lucky smile that he always wears. He walks toward me, earning punches and snickers from his friends. Is it so weird for a boy and girl to be best friends, and nothing more? Do not answer that question, or I will drown you. We walk towards 1st period,gym, talking about our nights. He then asks the question I've been worrying about. "Did Percy leave yet?" he asks quietly, because he knows that I don't quite want everybody knowing about my suprise brother. "Uh...yeah, he left last night." He sighs and pats my shoulder. "Sorry, Malina." I give him a sad smile. "You've got nothing to apologize for, Ry."

Once I dress out, I wait for Ryan in the bleachers. The teacher, Mr.Davidson, stands up and asks for attention. He gestures for someone to come forward. I watch as an utterly gorgous guy walks to the front of the room. He's wearing a purple tee, a black button-up vest, and a blue and green striped tie. The way he wears it makes it dressing up and casual at the same time! His blonde hair is styled in a precise way that I have never seen, but instantly love. Who IS this kid?

"This" starts Mr.D, "is Riley Masons." Some kids snicker at the name, and I am revolted by the way most kids my age act. I'm shocked again when I notice Ryan not only sitting next to me, but also laughing at Riley. "What a prep!" he snickers. I stare at him in shock and stand up. I walk quickly down the bleachers and sit alone in the front row,disgusted by my best friend. I think about why am I even friends with him when he can act like this. Then I remember...

I was 4 years old when I came to the states. I spoke nothing but perfect Italian. Everyone made fun of me...except for Ryan. He helped me to learn English and sat with me at lunch when none would. He gave me somewthing none wanted to; he gave me a chance.

I snap back into reality when Mr.D calls out "GRECO!" I jump up and walk over to the line that has formed, wondering whats going on. Then I see that everyone is either making fun of him, or introducing themselves to Riley. Ryan is right in front of me, and I hear his short conversation with Riley. "Nice hair." laughs Ryan. "I could tell you the same thing." Riley says to him. I laugh until I realize Ryan's giving me a dirty look. "What?" I say to him, still laughing. He just walks away angrily. I watch him,concerned until Riley holds out his hand to me. "Riley Masons."

"Christamalina Romana Greco." I say the Italian way, rolling the "R's" and all that stuff. He raises his eyebrows and his eyes shine in a way that insinuates silent laughter. Then I get a good look at his eyes. Swirling with clouds of gray and lightening flashes with paler shades of gray. I am mesmerized by his eyes for so long he has to clear his throat twice before I focus on his words. "So what can you tell me about Detroit, Christamalina?" I frown a little. "Just call me Malina, 'kay?" He smiles and says "S'long as you call me Mason." I nod and listen to his voice for what seems like the whole period. The teacher shouts "DRESS OUT!" I tear myself away from Riley and glance over my shoulder. Everyone is already in the locker rooms, and I hold 1 finger up to him and run to the locker room. I'm back out in record time. We talk a little longer about nothing in particular and then the bell rings making me jump. As I walk away from him he calls "I like your dress!!" I call over my shoulder "Your hair is epic!" I glance back over my shoulder and see him smiling, straightening his hair. I rush to my locker, and thenm to the "C" building for Math class. I feel eyes on my face and turn to seeRiley Masons staring at me from across the courtyard. He's staring so intensely that I freeze. We stand there staring at each other until the final bell rings and I run off, dizzy and confused.

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