Dreams Always Come True....Somehow (A One Direction Love Story)

This is my first One Direction story so please not flames!!!! It is a One Direction Love Story. Every guy will get a girl eventually, and I switch POVs for them but the main ones will probably be Louis and Liam's.

I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Rory Madelynn Williams

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rory Madelynn Williams. I am turning 19 on December 24. I know how awesome is that?! I share the same birthday as Louis Tomlinson.
Anyways I have shoulder length naturally straight brown hair. I have different eyes. They are a pale blue but yet at the same time they are bright, and on other days they are so pale they are grey. Weird I know. I am going to university for the arts, dancing, music, acting, etc. I do not know what I want to be yet, so yea. It sucks! Enough seriousness, here are some random facts about me:

~I live in Canada
~I have 5 siblings, not including myself (So 6 altogether). 2 Brothers, 3 Sisters.
~My favourite colour is Blue.
~I am always hungry
~I have 5 best friends, they are:
-Rowan Bailiegh Williams (my twin sister) (Crush: Niall)
-Carsyn Danielle Livingston (Crush: Harry Styles)
-Hayden Lyvya Abbott (doesn’t like One Direction)
-Sawyer Alishia Ryan (Doesn't like One Direction)
-Evan Leigh Johnson (Crush: Louis)
~My favourite and the one who I have a crush on is Liam Payne.
~I work at Tim Hortons
~I am shy at first, but then once I get to know you I am pretty bubbly
~If someone is hurting me or someone I love I am not afraid to verbally hurt them
~My friends and I all live in the same apartment
~My siblings are Benjamin Taylor (17), Lukas Michael (17), Rowan Baileigh (19), Ainsley Rae (21), Carlee Nycole (24)
~I am the older twin :P
~Oh yeah, in case you didn't notice, I love, reading, music, dancing, writing, and drawing (my friends and I have a lot in common)

Gotta go either my boss or Sawyer is yelling at me to get back to work so byee!
Yeah, I seriously can not tell the difference between them! Shhhh don not tell Sawyer, that I said that.


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