To all victims of r^pe

So my friend Leah got r^pped last friday when she was walking home she's only 12 & now she wants 2 die she thinks she did something wrong. I went through this but I was 5 my mom let them that's y I hate her

Chapter 1

12 years old

one dear little 12 yr old girl,
walks alone at night to her home.
she is so pure, and innocent,
but she shouldn't be out on the roam.

a car full of boys stop next to her,
and they grab her and pull her,
until shes in the car.
this is the night that will haunt her forever.

they speed out of town,
so far that nobody could ever hear her scream.
drugged mouths and minds,
can turn some people so mean.

they stop and get out of the car,
the night is cold.
they tear off all her clothes,
the moon lays back and watches the horrible event unfold.

the fog and icy night air,
bites at her bare skin and breast,
one by one,
they begin their fest.

they hold her down and ignore her screaming,
thrust deep inside her,
pain shoots through this crying girl,
these boys have so much anger.

one stands in front of the number plate,
while the others tie ropes around her arms and legs.
they tie her to a tree,
and laugh at her as she cries, screams and begs.

they kiss her swallon lips,
and each take turns in having their own little fun.
they force her into different positions,
still with the ropes tied to her in an angry fashion.

they take photos of the different positions,
and the different things they did.
this dear little 12yr old girl,
she was just a kid.

she can still remember how she felt,
and hasnt told a soul.
when will these feelings finally melt! !

never walks alone, and hides behind her make up,
she doesnt let anyone touch her.
her friends and family have no idea of the event,
she is such a talented little actor.

scars all up her arm,
she makes pain that she can control.
this is the after math of r^pe,
her heart is as dead as charcoal.

during the day she dreams of drowning in the ocean,
during the night she only dreams night mares.
but the worse thing is that it isn't a dream,
it's a memory.

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