Our Love is Symmetric (Soul Eater)

Our Love is Symmetric (Soul Eater)

This is my Soul Eater fan-fic, hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Meet the Characters

Name: Naomi (Ninja) Toole
Gender: Female
Age: 14-15
Type: Meister
Weapon: Hisao Wakaki
Personality: Kind, nice, funny, emotional, sly, awkward, smart, weird, sometimes random, and creative
Crush: No one yet! :3
Looks: http://www.quibblo.com/user/Krummblina/photoalbum/1805870?page=22&per_page=9
Looks cont.: Has mid-length hair, part to the left, bangs on the right, brown eyes, no glasses, no stripes in hair

Name: Hisao Wakaki
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Type: Weapon, turns into dagger or sword
Personality: Womanizer, difficult, acts badazz, smart, acts stupid, romantic (in a stupid way), occasionally nice to Naomi
Crush: You'll have to read to find out.... :3
Looks: http://media.otakuzone.com/store/user/181253/T130012333677784fb29aeef112c97c44f79646b4ba5b.jpg

Naomi's POV

We were running down the dark alley, blocking off the exit so we could get Medusa.
I yelled, panting, "Make sure she doesn't get away, and turn into a sword when I tell you, Hisao!" He nodded in agreement, as we chased after her.

"Hisao, now!!!" I screamed, as he turned into a sword and landed in my hand.
Hisao and I finally trapped her at a dead end from a brick wall. She looked around like an idiot, trying to find an escape.
I put my sword into attack position, as I barked at her, "Any last words, Medusa?"
Medusa half laughed. "You think you've trapped me, huh? Well, you can't take my soul without a battle." She extended one of her snakes from afar, using the Serpent Whip.
I dodged, cutting off the snake. Medusa tried escaping, and she got away, because Hisao always tells me not to attack the enemy if it's a girl.
He turned back into a human, and yelled, "Call me!" as she ran away.

We started walking out of the alley. "What the hell was that about?" I sighed.
Hisao replied, trying to sound gentlemanly, "I don't hurt ladies."
"Sometimes you're such an ass," I barked.
He started laughing, as if he was mocking me. That was typical of him, because he acted as if he despised me, but he really didn't. It was mainly for show. Sometimes I think he does that because he got stuck with the last meister left, that was young and also a girl.

Awhile later, Hisao sighed, "Mandy said she doesn't want to see me anymore. She found out I was with Amanda and Katie."
"How could someone not know? It's obvious you're a freaking womanizer, it even reeks on your clothes. You should be in the record books for it."

Suddenly, there was a voice that came in the background. "Hmm....Definitely not symmetrical....I won't come through this alley anymore...."
I shot my head around to see whoever it was. Hisao turned into a dagger, which is hardly ever useful to me when he is.

The stranger stared at us like we were crazy, but then he looked happy. He ran up to me saying, "Someone symmetrical! I can't believe it!" Hisao turned back to normal.
I pointed at myself. "I'm not that symmetrical."
"Yes, except for your hair. But other than that, you're perfectly symmetrical! What a relief!"
Hisao muttered, "Looks like you found a guy as weird as you."
I screamed, "Hey! All those weirdo-pervert girls you've dated are stranger than him!"
"Why would you call me, Death the Kid, a weirdo?!! I'm not weird, I'm perfectly symmetrical!"
"No, there's stripes in your hair, Death the Dipshiit Kid."
Kid pulled out two guns and started shooting at Hisao. A few grazed his arms, legs, and sides, but nothing that would hurt him too badly. "Naomi, why are you just standing there?!"
I shrugged. "It's funny watching someone trying to kill you."
Kid stopped shooting. "It's getting late. I have school tomorrow, and I have to practice my handwriting," he sighed.
"At Death Weapon Meister Academy?" I asked.
He nodded then walked away. I didn't know someone that had OCD for symmetry could be so...cute.... Hisao was right, I am weird.

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