Don't you remember (A Hogwarts love story).

Ya, I doubt people read this, I don't normally do an intro. But okay.. This is probably the last story I do. :) I just want to see.. Something. If people still read my stories. Or.. Ya.
So.. Thanks and comment... Please?

Chapter 1

When I was young..

"Mom!" I pouted, running up to my mother who sat in the back of our house. We lived in a large house, too large. Mom always said that we had to make a good impression.. Especially on our neighbors.
I ran up, my dress was wet and heavy, my wet hair, stuck to my face. She got up and looked at me, with concern. "What happened?" she asked me. "Smock, get a towel, now," my mother called into the house. Smock was our house elf. I actually liked smock. She was always kind to me and I treated her kindly back, when my father never did.
"I was playing by the river," I began. "When I tripped into it. Someone saved me," I told her. I remember seeing a streak of blond hair before it was gone again and I opened my eyes fully and saw no one in sight.
"Who saved you?" she asked me.
"I don't know.." I muttered. It was true. I didn't know, and I probably never would. "I saw someone with blond hair, before they were gone again."
That's probably one of the Malfoy's," she said. Smock came in, holding a towel over her arm. She handed it to my mother, bowed lowly and turned back, heading into the kitchen. "Go get changed. We're going next door." Next door? I've always been told to never go next door. Not for bad reasons, but because my mom always said that they were a private family. I have never seen them once in my life.
Once I had changed into a pink dress and a white cardigan, we headed over to the house. It was a large house, with freshly trimmed hedges along the side of the narrow lane leading to the door. Peacocks roamed around the garden. It was amazing. My mom knocked on the door, and soon it opened. A man, with long, silvery blond hair stood looking at us. He didn't look very pleased to see my mother. Or me.
"Hello, Lucius," my mother said.
Sandra," he said. "Why don't you come in?" he asked. She followed him into a cold, brick walled hallway. We followed him until we reached the kitchen. Inside sat two people. One was my height, blond hair and grey eyes. The other was a woman, silver hair, and light blue eyes. The look of them seemed odd. I didn't dare say anything as I hid behind my mothers legs.
Oh, hello, Sandra," the woman said. "What brings you here?"
"Well, it's actually Janes fault we're here," she told them. My face went pink as all heads faced towards me. I hid further behind my mothers leg, barely peaking out at them. "Tell them what happened, Jane."
"I was playing along the river," I said. "When I fell over and fell into the river. I was starting to sink when someone saved me. The person had blond hair, like yours," I said now examining them. It was definatly the same colour hair as them.
"I can assure you, none of us were near that river today," Lucius said.
"it was me," said the boy. All eyes turned to him, slightly confused. "I saw her fall in, she looked like she was drowning, so I saved her," he told us.
"Thank you.." my mother said. She didn't know his name, so she stopped her thank you.
"I'm Draco malfoy."

With that, my eyes fluttered open. The sun shone in on me through the cracks in my curtain. Birds chirped noisely outside. I yawned and stretched. Today was September first. Or, the day I would be going to Hogwarts.
Since the time my dream took place, which was when I was five, we had moved to a muggles town. My father had died when I was seven, and my mother couldn't handle the memories of my father around the house. So here we were. It wasn't great down here. I hated it here, actually. The muggles were stupid. Not that I hated muggles, but sometimes, I wondered.. Were they dropped at birth?
"Jane!" My mothers voice rang into my room. "Get up, were leaving in an hour!" my mother said. I got excited feelings in my stomach as I jumped out of bed. I couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts. I wanted to be an excellent witch. I was determined to be the smartest in my class.
"M'up!" I called down to her. I reached under my bed and pulled out my trunk. It was full of clothes, my uniform, my books and my wand. I felt something touch my leg. I looked down and saw my white cat rubbing against my leg. I picked her up with one hand while I held my suitcase with the other.
I ran down stairs and had my breakfast. Afterwards, we left to go to kings cross. I was getting more excited and nervous as we came closer to the train station. What would Hogwarts be like? Would I be a Slytherin like my parents? We got to the train station and ran through the brik wall that kept the muggles an the wizarding world, separated. I looked around in amazement at the different things going on around me. People held brooms over their shoulders, people carried their pets in cages. I even saw someone with a frog before it kept out of his hands.
Everything amazed me.
"Well, this is goodbye. I'll see you at Christmas?" my mother said, giving me a hug. I wondered what she would do, now that she was all alone in the house. Well, she had smock for company. No human company though. I shrugged the thought out of my head as I boarded the train.
My cat, whiskers, was purring under my arms as I dragged my trunk through the crowded hallway. I was near the back when I finally found a compartment to myself. I put my trunk on the over head compartments and set down. My heart was racing and I jumped when the compartment door opened.
"Can we sit here?" said a boy. He had blond hair and grey eyes. They reminded me.. Of my dream. I nodded and he sat down, followed by two boys. Both looked rather idiotic.
"I'm Jane Wilson," I told him. He looked at me, for a moment, as though considering something.
"I'm Draco malfoy."

Well... This is probably the most boring chapter ever! Five comments please? Thanks...

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