mirrored Feelings (A Gaara love story)

mirrored Feelings (A Gaara love story)

HI this is my first story, I hope you like it please pay attention to which Demon is talking I have named Gaara's Demon Mother cause I can't remember it's real name. PLease leave comments! XD

Chapter 1

Intro- Meiko's description

Name: Mieko Shinagurai

Age: 15 years

Clan: none

Village: none

She has mid back black hair with an inch of golden hair, not blonde but gold that sparkles when the sun hits it right. Most of the time it is held up in a pony tail with two bangs on either side of Mieko’s face. She has pale skin and Emerald eyes with silver flecks in them, they have slits like a snakes.

She wears a mid thigh black skirt and a loose grey tummy top. She also wears black gloves and normal ninja sandals. She wears bandages on her legs (down to her ankles), waist (goes below her skirt and above her top) and on her arms (down to her shoulders).

She wears the bandages because of the seal/curse marks. Her two demons are Salazar and Nix.
Nix is a female black cat with three tails and golden eyes. She is nasty when she wants to be but really likes Mieko and treats her relatively well. Salazar on the other hand is mean all the time, constantly snarling and hissing at Mieko. He is a viper with green scales, silver eyes and four heads.
Mieko’s hair is the way it is because of Nix and her eyes because of Salazar.

The curse/seal marks are, One black viper wrapping around her right leg, wrapping around her waist once and striking at her left shoulder on her chest. The other is a black cat snarling and swiping a paw at the snake with its tail wrapping down to Mieko’s elbow on her left arm. I think you can guess which mark belongs to whom.

When Mieko was born she had an Identical twin brother named Alec, The two demons were going to be sealed inside them. But When Alec arrived he was still born so they accidently trapped both of the demons in Mieko’s body. When her father found out he threw the new baby outside and in pure anguish he burnt the house with every one inside except Mieko.

Heaps of people came to watch the fire, as it was too late to save any one. An old lady found the tiny baby and took her home, not knowing about the two demons. So Mieko lived there until she was six, when Salazar and Nix made their first appearance. The lady kicked her out and she was forced to live alone, walking from village to village being kicked out time after time.

She learnt to wear bandages to cover the marks and she was welcomed a little bit more, but not much because of her eyes and hair. She started calling the two demons Mother and Father, as she could not remember her own. When she felt really alone she would retreat and go to a dark space she called, the room. Leaving her body an empty shell. Her eyes would glaze over and if you shook her gently she would fall over and hit the ground. Her eyes would remain open but vacant the whole time. Her pulse and breathing becoming very light.

This left control open to Nix or Salazar, but most of the time they just let it be free, to buy arguing or sleeping to take control. They didn’t get along well. They could get control whenever they wanted as Mieko would give in easily. Her eyes going silver when Salazar had the wheel and gold when Nix had it.

Mieko has three types of Chakra,
When they are combined they go black making Mieko very powerful. Because of the two demons she has special powers. She can read the thoughts, Chakra and feelings of other people like words on a page. But is able to block these out because it can give her a terrible headache. She also can manipulate water, earth, fire and air. As well as being able to mimic and remember any move someone can make, no matter how fast or complicated.

She also is able to anticipate people’s moves, move silently& quickly, see’s, hears, taste’s and feels better than normal people. Also her aim is deadly. You might think she is unstoppable, and to an extent she is but after a while she gets tired just like anyone else. And usually sleeps for a few days if possible.

Well I hope you stay tuned for what happens to our darling Mieko. Please comment!

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