Hetalia: The Quest To Find The King Of Stars!! (READ INTRO!)

Hetalia: The Quest To Find The King Of Stars!! (READ INTRO!)

Those of you who are in this story, please don't put anything too inappropriate that will ruin the characters, you can make something weird happen, but nothing with r@9e jokes, those are just wrong,
Please let Prussia stay awesome and no guy-guy couples, only friendship, sorry to be such a Germany, but I take my stories seriously. kk, have fun with the story!

Chapter 1

Germany Trash Can

America was walking down the street of NYC. He came across a dumpster that had a strange sound, when he opened it up, Germany popped out wearing latherhosen and a peter pan hat. He was whistling until he finally told America he was looking for the King Of Stars. He asked America to get two other people to help out with the search. America, for some reason, wasn't creeped out, and called the first person he could think of...England. So England was all like,
"What? you saw who in the trash?"
And America was all like, "Germany, bro! Let's find the king of stars!"
And then Uk was all like.."The king of what?!"
And US was all like, "Stars, you comin or not?"
And UK was all like, "eh, sure," So they set off on an adventure!
Wait, wasn't there another one? who was it? It's you? Well, who are you?
"I'm Canada!"

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