I wanna do a Harry Potter group story.

You have to read everything.

Chapter 1

PLEASE READ ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Set in book 5. I need your character info and will only be picking like 5 or 6, so get them in ASAP. If I pick you I'll ask for a sample chapter. Things you need to include are in the example.
Name: Anna-Beth Willows
House: Ravenclaw
Age: Same as the trio
Year: Same as trio
Looks: long blond hair with blue streaks, Soft blue eyes, snow white skin, 5' 7".
Personality: Quite, shy, bit of a bookworm
Animagus: Fox
Patronus: Fox
Any other info: She is part Veela and part Vampyre. Her father is half Vampyre and her mother is half Veela. She has two cat's name Diana and Artemis, Diana is white and has gold eyes and Artemis is black and has silver eyes.


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