Stealing Every Piece of Your Heart (1D Love Story)

Looks: Crystal Blue Eyes
Long Wavy Light Brown Hair to her chest
Personality: Fun
Normal and not too star-crazy
Loves her best Friend Ash
Family: Has 1 little brother and 1 older brother and both parents

Chapter 1

Special Guests

I was sittin at a table at the club with my friend Ashton. Ashton and I had been friends for awhile and this club was our favorite place. It had nights where the DJ blasted music and people got drunk on the dance floor, and other nights where people just came for live music.

It had a stage and a big area for standing and ceering in front of the stage. Behind the standing area there was a big octagon that had two stairs lining it that was the dance floor. And finally behind the dance floor were the tables.

"I have to freshen up," Ashton said. We stood to go the rest rooms.

I powdered my face lightly. "Its getting pretty packed in there isn't it!" i said.

"Yeah I heard there is a guest performance tonight," she said. Huh, a guest perfomance, must be good to have taken "Club Night". This night brought in everyone, live music nights brought in half as many people.

"I have to pee," she said going into a stall.

"Nice to know. I will see you out there," I said turning to leave. As I walk through the bathroom door I am surrounded by darkness. How did i get back here?

I suddenly bump into someone and fall to the ground.

"Oh I am so sorry!" I say.

"No no, it's fine it is pretty dark back here," a male voice answers. I can't see him in the dark but i can make out his figure, which is lending out a hand to me. I take it and he pulls me up.

"Thanks," I say.

"No problem, hey i got to go, I will see you around," he says.

"Yeah see ya," I say turning to go.

"Wait, I didn't catch your name," he calls.

"Sam," I say. "Yours?"

"Harry," he replies. "I'll se you around."

"Bye!" I go back to our seat. the boy named Harry intrigued me, if only I knew what he looked like.

Harry's P.O.V.

She was gorgeous, Sam was. I knew she couldn't see me but the lights ion the dance floor made it very easy for me to see her. Her brown hair was slightly wavy and her blue eyes were captivating.

"Where have you been?" Niall asked as I walked back-stage.

"Oh I uhh...had to um use the restroom," I replied, which was actually true, but I ran into Sam before I actually went so I forgot. And now i suddenly have to pee.

"Uhuh...yeah thats it," Zayn said. I just blushed.

Sam's P.O.V

I stumbled to the table, gosh what was wrong with me. Bumping into that poor guy and then stumbling, i didn't think I'd had that much to drink.Ashton soon came to the table following me.

"It is really getting packed up by the stage," I stated as she took her seat.

"I know! It makes we wonder who the guest is." Just as Ashton said this people came out onstage and took their places behind insrtuments. An announcer called out the names of the 5 singers who were in the boy band that was the guest of the night.

"Please Welcome Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Harry to the stage!" they said as each boy came out with their name.

"Oh my God! It's One Direction," Ashton yelled at me. I must have looked puzzled because then she explained who they were to me. I just laughed at her. "C'mon we should go up there now," she said pulling on my arm.

Harry's P.O.V.

We started singing and that's when I saw her. Sam was coming down to the stage pulled by her friend. She was so gorgeous it was hard not to notice her.

You turned around, and you stole my heart With ust one look, when I saw your face I fell in love I sang and caught her eyes. I gave her a wink and her mouth fell open. Guess she didn't know who I was.

Sam's P.O.V.

Wow! I had bumped into that Harry? No, it ouldn't have. But he just kept staring at me. I smiled and turned to Ashton.

"Guess what?" I screamed over the noise.


"When i was coming out of the bathroom and heading to the table i ran into somebody and he said his name was Harry and...." I started to drag the last part out, wondering if it would regester in her mind.

Her mouth fell open. "You don't mean to tell me..." she started. I just nodded. She shrieked. "You actually toched him!" I just laughed at her. "Ahh well good for you, I am going to try to get closer!" she said and i shoved her off.

I just stayed back while Ashton got close. When the concert was over I went back to my seat and she came soon afterwards.

"I was like so close to the stage, only two people were in front of me," she said with excitement. "I was so close i could feel their sweat drip on me!" I made a disguisted face. "Yeah yeah, and Liam he looked right at me!" she finished.

I just laughed at her. The boys came out for autographs right after the show and Ashton didn't hesitate while i just stayed back. As the crowd cleared and left the club Ashton came back to our table and we decided to stay and finish our drinks.

I would have never guessed what would have happened next.

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