Ask Me No More Questions, and I Won't Tell You Lies (A teenage love story)

Name: Alaynea Tegan Abalyn
Age: 15
Looks: Short at 5'2", isn't super-duper skinny, but not fat, either, but is curvy. She has long, long, dark brown hair, down to her waist, and silvery-blue eyes that can melt you down, or make you so uncomfortable you wouldn't believe (When she glares.)
Personality: Social Butterfly, everyone loves her, but she is sweet and quiet, stands up for friends and what she believes in. She is funny, and a natural leader. She likes He is We for music.

Chapter 1

My Secret What???

I groaned and rolled over, as my little brother jumped on me. "Waney! Waney! Get up! It is time to get up!" My little brother, Elis, is three. And doesn't realize that when you are 15, you appreciate sleep. So I did what I always did, and rolled over.
I pretended to be as sleep, and bit back a smile as he called my name again. "Waney! Waney!" I grabbed him and swung him so he was lying next to me in a second. I shoved him under my blankets and held him hostage as he giggled. "Waney! You are silly!" He told me.
Then I was being shaken.
I woke up with tears streaming down my face, and I sobbed.
"Shhh! Shh! Honey, it was a dream. It was a dream..." My mother's comforting murmurs filled my head. Of course it was a dream. How could it not be? Eli was in the hospital, sick with leukimia. "What were you dreaming?" My mom asked me, comfortingly.
"El-Elis. Waking me up. Like he-" I hiccupped and started sobbing again.
"Oh, honey!" My mom consoled me again. I was closest to Eli, since after he was born, my mom was having trouble being herself. She was always distant, and didn't take care of Eli and I. So, I took care of him a lot. She finally came out of her funk after I pulled her aside and yelled at her.
"You can't do this to us! You just can't! Dad made his decisions and left us for that wh0re! There is nothing we can do! Snap out of it! Eli needs you! I need you!" was what I woke her up with. Then, she was the best mother, ever. The only problem is that she has never forgiven herself for leaving us mentally like that.
"Would you like to go see him today?" She asked.
"O-of course! I miss him. How- How is his... cancer doing?" I hiccuped again.
"Well, they think that they got most of it with the last surgery, and they reckon he can come home in a couple of weeks, okay?" My heart lept, and I started crying again. But they were happy tears. I was okay now, and so was my little Elis.
"And, Alaynea?" My mom said.
"There is a surprise for you on the table... it is a weird thing, and I have no idea who sent it." Mom frowned, pondering.
"Oh...kay? Who do you think...?" I trailed off, as I saw the huge boquet of red roses on the table when we went down. I walked to it, and pulled off the notecard.

Alaynea Tegan Abalyn-
You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and they make my heart stutter. When I see you, I want to grab you and never let go. I want you to be mine, and I've liked you for a long time. The problem is, I am not sure you know I exist. You have so many friends, and you are a gentle, sweet, quiet, perfect dream-girl. I overheard you telling your friends about how you love red roses, so here you are.
Your Secret Admirer
P.S.- One of your friends are helping me, and I am not a creepy-stalker person, I just really care about you.

I stared at it and my mom took it out of my hands. I watched as her eyes scanned the page, and she smiled at me.
"So sweet." She commented.
"My secret WHAT??" is all I could say.

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