Lost & Found ♥ {Justin Bieber Love Story}


Chapter 1

Coming Back Home


Three years. Sometimes you just don’t know what you have until it’s gone. That fits me perfectly.

Chaz began to do his dance that he does everytime he beat his high score in something, this time it was Angry Birds.

“931 points, baby!” Chaz shouted-out to the iPhone screen. Yeah, he was terrible in playing Angry Birds. Chaz and Ryan picked me up from the airport. My mom came here earlier so that she could do some “errands” for Christmas.

Ryan was talking on and on about this girl, Kylie, who he’s been crushing on for weeks, but he never had the courage to ask her out, since she just got out from a relationship with a quarterback on the football team.

…I wondered how Kenny managed to drive the car, trying not to strangle Ryan and Chaz. Chaz finally gave up on Angry Birds and turned up the music on the radio. No one really wanted to know what was on Chaz’s playlist.

Sadly, “Mistletoe” came on and everyone started to sing. If you’ve ever been on a road trip with your family…then I guess you understand what I’m going through.

“Kill me now.” Justin said under his breath.

“Aw, c’mon. It’s the holiday season! Be merry!” Chaz said, and continued to sing.

“Yeah, man. You’ve been quiet the whole way. What? Did Rihanna reject your request for a date again?” Ryan asked.

I couldn’t help but laugh, and then I shouldered Ryan. His phone started to ring. “Lower it down, Chaz.” Ryan said. Chaz lowered it…from 17 to 16. Ryan gave Chaz a soft punch on the side an answered his phone.

“Hey, Liv. Any good news from Kylie?” Ryan asked, with a wide smile on his face.

My head swirved quickly. Liv? Chaz looked back at me. “I had a feeling you would do that when you heard her name again.” Chaz said.

I didn’t even notice, but the car stopped and we were finally at grandma’s house. A girl with brunette, wavy hair wearing a purple, strapless dress was standing outside my door. That girl was Olivia Burrows. My sexy, beautiful, and first girlfriend.

Aww…thanks for clicking on my story and reading my chapter. That means a lot to me. Personally, I think this was a boring and dull chapter, but it’ll get better through it all. IF and only if you rate, comment, I need your help to continue this story. Thanks for everything and God bless!

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