MORE ADDED!! POTTERMORE!! what's yours? and stuff about mine.

Chapter 1


by: Naive

yup that's my name, don't wear it out! so i got a new pottermore! i am in ravenclaw!! yay! Finally! i thought i was gonna get hufflepuff. haha we are 2nd in the lead for house cup and have the least users! i figured out the riddle qt the end of the first book. i am not ashamed to say that it took me ages but i did it on my first try! i have a pet frog!! my wand is even crappier this time. i hate it. i now luv the old one. it used to be: redwood (that was pretty cool cos my last name is red____) with unicorn hair, unyeilding. now i have beech with unicorn hair, unflexible or something like that :(

so i did it again, it was a okay wand: ebony and unicorn hair, unbending (why are mine never flexible, at leat the first on was unyeilding!) and amazing, what house did i get into???
GRYFFINDOR!! ikr, wtf! never thought id get that!!

okay, doubt you actually read that,
WHATS YOUR NAME, wait, dw, just add me,
may the odds be ever in your favour,
ily more than peeta luvs katniss


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