The Vampire Jewel

A group story with Kylina & I (SugarKart)!
The story is about friends Liana & Rei, who live normal lives, until Rei goes missing. Liana has no idea what to expect when he starts gaining an urge to bite her & other strange people want to steal a family heirloom: a Golden Jewel.

Chapter 1

Introductions of the Characters

by: Cozy_Glow
Name: Liana Marie Ellen
Age: 17
gender: Female
Eyes: Unusual sea-green eyes
Hair: Long dark brown, doll like curls
Height: 5 foot 7
Siblings: A younger sister who is 12, Megan and a younger brother who is 6, Joel
Best Friends: Rai and Victoria
Life story: Her mother left when Joel was born because she's not a very nice person, she secretly likes Rai, not in a friend way, more than that but will never fess up to him,
Personality: Nice, sweet, popular, looks after Joel and Megan when her father is not home, Loving, friendly, tough, doesn't care what people say, protective, can be really nasty and biitchy

Name: Rei Gilbert Mine
Age: 17
Appearance: short fair hair, greeny-gold eyes, light tanned skin.
Life story: Mother died in car accident & father went missing, so he's been fending for himself & Elluka.
Personality: Protective, nice, can be obsessive over certain things.
About Rei: Rei is the best friend of Liana. He confides in Liana about anything, but not always will he tell the truth. He secretly likes Liana, but is afraid she'll reject him or think of him as nothing but a friend & leave.

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