The Traitors of Slytherin~My Pottermore Story

just a story based on all my information on pottermore. i did not use my real name!

Chapter 1

The Sorting

“Elaine will you listen to me!” I looked up to see my dad shaking my shoulder, my attention had been on my mother, she had never been able to get used to the magical world, my father had told her what he was when he married her and she had been fine with it eventually but… she always got very nervous when actually in the face of magic, and platform 9¾ was about as magical as things got.
“Sorry” I said to my dad
“Don’t worry, your first time at Hogwarts is always scary. But I need you to remember not to listen to what your grandfather always tells you. You can be in any house you want, well the hat wants. We will not be ashamed of you if you are in hufflepuff for example, although that would be a bit of a worry, but we would all be fine with it. Your grandfather is just traditionalistic” that was true. My granddad had almost jumped with joy when I had received my wand, 13 inches with cedar and phoenix feather he had described it as ‘a true wizards want’, but honestly I just think he was happy that my wand had the same wood as his, I didn’t mind though, because of it he had bought me my cat trixy. I jumped when I heard the train whistle go and quickly hugged my dad before running to jump on the train. I blew a kiss to my mother and brother and walked to find a compartment. There weren’t any empty ones so I walked into one that had a mousy haired girl reading a book. “Do you mind if I sit here?” I asked
“No not at all” she said giving me a smile. She lowered the book so I could see that she wasn’t reading but righting.
“Im Elaine,” I said sitting across from her.
“Sasha” she responded with a nod
“What’s that you’re righting? A diary… or?”
“A story actually, it’s called the age of darkness. Its not very good, I started it when I was nine, but I enjoy righting it”
“That’s really cool,” I said and I let trixy out of her carrier.

I stood in the grate hall with Sasha standing next to me. We where all standing around feeling nervous. Professor McGonagall came out and led us all into the grate hall as we walked in I saw Marcus flint, an old family friend of my grandfathers, sitting at the slytherin table. I hated Marcus. He reminded me off all the reasons why my dad didn’t like me hanging around his side of the family. I came from a long line of slytherins, my dad had brought disgrace on his family when he was sorted into ravenclaw rather than slytherin and had added salt to the wound by leaving school and marrying a muggle. He had kept his ties with most of the wizarding world working in muggle relations for the ministry but my grandfather only talked to him to advise him on how to raise my brother and me ‘properly’.
“Green Elaine” I jumped when McGonagall called my name. And walked up to the hat trying to appear like my stomach wasn’t doing summersaults. I placed the hat over my head and everything went black.
‘Hmm a smart mind I see and creative to, but too down to earth and influencable for a true raven claw, brave, yes very brave and stubborn oh and a great want to rebel. But also very ambitious and determined, and I most certainly see the seeds of greatness in hear. But wear to put you, are you a brave and rebelling Gryffindor or a smart ambitious slytherin?’ the hat was silent for a moment ‘hmm well I guess it will have to be’ “slytherin” I jumped out of my seat and ran to slytherin house table.

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