Young Love ▓▓ Hunger Games love story ▓▓ info

Young Love ▓▓ Hunger Games love story ▓▓ info

This is a love story between 2 people stuck in the Hunger Games......
I changed the original story.... a lot..... :D HOPE YOU LOVE IT!

Chapter 1

Info/Chapter 1

Hey sup! My name is Primrose Rue Mellark! Yes my parents are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark.I bet you are saying, " OMG IS SHE POPULAR BECAUSE SHE IS THE DAUGHTER OF THE WINNERS OF THE 74TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES?!" How did you know?! No actually I am a nerd but that is just at school at home I am more of a tomboy.
Fave color: Neon green!
Fave band: Beatles... (really into the oldies)
Theme song: Unpretty TLC... Yes I sing that in school a lot be quietly.
Weapon: Bows and Arrows
Crush: Timothy Trinket. ( son of Haymitch and Effie ironic I know)
Well let's get started!!!!
Years after Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark got married they had a kid her name was Primrose Rue Everdeen.This is her story.
March 16th " Honey get up!" " Ok mom!" I brushed my hair and put it in a messy ponytail.I walked downstairs to see the grossest sight ever....My parents.......MAKING OUT! " EWWWW GET A ROOM!" " I thought we had one.." My father said while rubbing the back of his neck."I meant one with a lock" " Oh..." I rolled my eyes at my VERY goofy father."SHOOT THE REAPING!" I dashed upstairs and got dressed.We walked to the reaping.I gasped and my mouth was open at the sight. Effie......IN BLACK!"What?.." "Girls first!" She walked over to the bowl I was shivering with antici............PATION! (Rocky Horror Picture Show reference) "Primrose Everdeen!" My moms eyes went wide.I saw her get up and fight back invisible Peacekeepers until she yelled " I VOLUNTEER I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" "um mom not to burst your bubble but.... is that some sort of reflex?" My mom rolled her eyes at my comment and I went up."boys!"Please don't be any of my friends!" Timothy Abernathy! Wait my son?!" I was like in love with him but he HATED me I don't know why!The odds were NOT in my favor


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