How Clove's death is, indirectly, Gale's fault

Chapter 1


1. Clove got her head smashed in by a rock.
2. The rock was smashed onto her skull by Thresh.
3. The only reason he killed her was because she said something about Rue.
4. She said that about Rue because Marvel killed Rue.
5. The only reason Marvel killed Rue was because he was trying to get to Katniss.
6. He was trying to get to Katniss because she ourscored him in training.
7. Katniss impressed the Gamemakers with her hunting skills.
8. She learned almost all of thise skills from Gale.

So yeah, it is indirectly Gale's fault my favorite character is dead. Which is just another reason I hate him. No offense to all of you Gale lovers out there.


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