Harry Potter group story 2

Annalise Mores and Jonathan Mores

Chapter 1

At Hogwarts

"Annie!!!" A voice said, Annaliese frowned.
"Johnny!!!" She said equally as annoyingly. She turned on her broom and shot to the ground to meet her brother. She jumped delicately from the broom to the floor. "What do you want brother?" She asked grabbing her broom and holding it to her side.
"Well. I just wanted to know if you wanted to come and put your name in the goblet thingy???" He tried to make his grey almond eyes look like a puppy, Annalise smirked. She laughed loudly.
"Yeah. Sure why not. Lets try and get in to this game... Did Victor put his name in?? I heard he was going to and your his best friend..." Annalise was smiling. Victor really was an all right guy they had dated briefly two years before. They then realised that they were better off being friends.
"Yeah. He put it in about two hours ago after that girl from Beauxbaton's, she's dead pretty... Do you happen to know her name?" He asked, his eye's hopeful.
"Uh... No. But Fleur might, she's over there, hang on a sec. FLEUR!!!!" Annalise called. Fleur turned around said something to her friend in French.
"Vot? Oh! Annalise! Jonathan! 'Ow I 'ave missed you! Vot can I do for you?"
"Fleur. What's the name of that short girl? Who flew to put her name in the goblet?"
"Willow? Shall I bring her over? She is very shy....'Ang on a moment." She walked back to her friend and grabbed her arm, she dragged her friend over to them. "Willow, this is Annalise and Jonathan. 'Ee asked for you." Fleur said, smirking, Willow frowned blushing. "Hello. Please ignore my friends lack of manners she doesn't understand the words leave me alone or I'm busy or I'm reading. I'm Willow Lupus by the way." She held out her hand for them to shake.


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