My Adventures In ONEderland (One Direction/Niall Horan)

My Adventures In ONEderland (One Direction/Niall Horan)

So I had the SRANGEST meeting with the boy of my dreams. I am only sixteen, my name is Scarlett Avaleen, I live in Brisbane, Autralia.
I'm super skinny
Very dark brown, long hair,
Bright emerald-green eyes.
olive skin.

Chapter 1


The Picture's a pic of me, Scarlett

I finished packing- finally!
"Scarlett!! We're leaving, if you aren't finished now, don't bother coming!" Mum said, playfully.
Just then my little brother, Beau trotted to my doorway.
"Lettie..." That name was strictly reserved for my family to use, "Can I come in?" This waas unusual- when I lived with him, he was never allowed in my room (but always BARGED on in), yet now, when I'm using HIS room, while he's on the couch, he's decided to be polite.
"Yea sure, moop."
He sat on my bed, well, his bed, and looked at my outfit- A comfy tank top, with a flowy singlety thing- It was SUPER hot in australia, stiil- and my light blue skinny jeans, with my combat boots.
"you look pretty today."
"thanks, moop, you look pretty handsome too, but, I'm done her- and mum's in the car already, so where's your suitcase?"
"Its in the boot."
"Oh, OK, well, I guess we can go then! Can you carry my small bag fro me?"
I hannded my carry-on luggage to my eight-year old little bro.

The drive was long- SIX hours! But, you get that when your mum lives in rural queensland. We finally arrived at Townsville airport at eight o'clock at night. It wasn't too dark, and we made our way to the International terminal and looked at the screen.

Non-stop to Ireland, G9337, 9:00PM

CRAP! we ran to the check-in and boarded the plane by 8:45.I fell asleep for most of it, smiling at the thought of meeting new boys (WITH ACCENTS!!) in my new clothes. The best part about living in hot, sunny, Australia and flying too Ireland for christmas was that I had no cold clothes-so mum and I went on a HUGE shopping spree!.

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