My Kryptonite~A Niall Horan Love Story

My Kryptonite~A Niall Horan Love Story

Hey Guys!!(: I Started This Story Cause I've Gotten Bored Latley. Please Enjoy!!(:

Chapter 1


----Name~ Taylor McKessie
Born At~ Austrailia
Talents~Signer+Guitar Player
Friends~ Talia, Destiny, Sabrina, and Allie
Hair~ i know, werid to add. Long, Wavy+Blonde----

Taylor's P.O.V-
Today sucked, as usual. I really dont like school that much, and i dont have that many good friends. Most of the girls/guys at my school are snotty brats and are so rude. I really wish that highschool ends soon. Ugh. Finally, its the last day of school. Me and my friends walked home from school, and enjoyed it a lot. We really love walking around outside in really nice weather, like today. As we walked home, we started singing one of our fav songs by one direction, Na Na Na. We are really good singers, but we are really shy and dont like singing in front of others besides us. We started singing, and we didnt care if people stared at us. Some people even smiled as we were singing. We werent that afraid. We were singing because we were so excitied for tomorrow. Tomorrow, we are going to see one direction, our idols and inspirations, in concert. Some how, my mom got us all backstage passes. We were really excitied!! the worst part was, we were gonna probably sit near those snotty bums from school at the concert. We figured that we should just ignore them and brag about our passes. Destiny is really pretty. She has black long hair and her eyes are blue. She really likes Zayn!! Allie has short light brown hair and has greenish eyes. She really likes louis and shes like him, the immature part. Sabrina has brownish goldish long brown curly hair, like harry's. She fancies Harry, and really wants to meet him and have him fall in love with her like Destiny, Talia and Allie. Talia loves Liam, and has brown curlish hair with brown eyes. Me, i have long and wavy blonde hair, and i have bluish eyes. I really like Niall, because hes so sweet and kind and has some things in common with me. As soon as we reached my house, we started singing Gotta Be You. We kept singing and just walked up to my room ( ) and started jumping around like maniacs. We put my iphone on my ihome and started picking out our outfits for tomorrow. ( Taylor&Allie~ Talia+Sabrina~
Destinys~ ) Once we finnaly finish up, we decide to go out and eat. Since it wasnt far, we just went to mcdonalds. While walking there, we just got Destiny's IPhone and blasted What Makes You Beautiful and we all started singing it on the way. We loved singing, it was our passion. Since we got bored, we just stop near a bus stop where it was crowded, and sat down her IPhone and turned on Na Na Na and we started singing. i started out. "We've got a bit of love/hate You take me to the edge then you hit the brakes I say it's over one day, But then I'm crawling back begging you to stay We make up and we break up all the time" Then Talia, "I'll say that I hate a song, then you'll go request it the whole night long Some people say it's so wrong but even when we fight, Boy, you turn me on We make up and we break up all the time" and then we sang the rest. We all pretty much rocked it, and got about $30 dollers from our performance. We saw one guy video tapping it!! Once we got to mcdonalds to eat, these 5 guys started walking up to us. They looked kinda werid, but they saw our performance, "Watch out, weridos coming our way." wispered Allie. They cam up, and started talking. "Hey, we saw your performace and we loved it. You guys are geat. Can we talk to you outside real quick? Somewhere private. Dont worry, we wont bite." One said, in a birtish accent, that sounded familier to us. We walked out to a private lace and then Talia broke the silence. "So, who are you guys?" She asked, with a shaky voice. "Hold on." One of them said, with another familer british accent. They walked around the corner and started wispering. "They sounded like Louis and harry!!" i wispered, with excitment. "I know right!! It cant be them though." Sabrina chimed in. They started walking back over, and then looked to see if anyone else was around. They soon took off their disguises, and it was them. Oh my god. One direction was standing there. I was freaking out inside, and i bet the other girls wee too. We just sat their shocked. Then Liam said, "Well, hello ladies. You must know us as-" 'One Direction." I int erupted. "I cant believe this... pinch me someone??" Destiny wispered to us. I saw the one guy i loved, staring at me with his beautiful blue eyes. Niall Horan. He smiled and I smiled back. "Well, you guys were great back there!!" Zayn said. "I really loved all your voices!" Niall said, still staring in my eyes. "Oooooo Nialls In LOVEEEE!!" Louis said in a childish voice "Shut up Louis!" Niall said giving him a death stare. "Wahhhhhh!!" Louis screamed with a baby voice and pretended to cry. I just laughed a little. "So, back to reality, are you guys coming to our concert tomorrow?" Liam said, smiling. "Yeah, we cant wait!!" I said. "Well, you guys have back stage passes? That'd be cool if you did. If you dont,--" 'We actually have some, thanks Liam." i said smiling still. "Can you play guitar?" Niall said staring at me, with his eyes melting my soul. "Yeah, i actually can." I said, trying to control my self. "Thats really cool! I know how to also." Niall said smirking. Niall then wispered something into Liam's ear, then he said "That would be cool if we could Niall, but i dont know if Paul would let us." Then, he realized he said it out loud."What?" Sabrina said, with a confused face. "(sigh) Why did you say that outloud Liam? Ughhh. Okay. Well, we were wondering, would you like to come onstage with us while we sing some of our songs?" Niall said, with his sexy irish accent. "Uhm, I'd love to! What About You Girls?" I said smiling at Niall. "We'd love to!" They said at once. We just sat there, smiling. They all look happy. "Well first of all, what are your names??"Zayn said "I'm Taylor, this is Destiny, Talia, Allie and Sabrina." I said pointing to each one of them while they sat their smiling. "Taylor, we should go back to grab your guitar, so we can practice." Niall said smiling. Gosh, i swear Niall's eyes were just sparkling, and making my heart melt. I wish he knew i loved him. Not just cause he was famous or cute, but he was just himself. He was sensitive, and funny and just amazing.
Nial's P.O.V~
Dang, Taylor is so cute. I think i know what love at first sight is now. Shes so pretty, and she has an Austrailian accent. She must be from Austrailia. Shes nice and has a good sense of humor. I bet shes not interested in me, probably with harry or liam. I wish she knew, i was falling for her already. "Taylor, we should go back to grab your guitar, so we can practice." i told her, smiling at her. "Alrighty then." She said, smiling back and staring in my eyes. Dang, i just want to kiss her so bad. My phone suddenly buzzed. 'Niall, i know you like her. Love at first sight, huh? We should hang back, Me, hazza, liam and zayn will take the other girls. You walk with her back to grab her guitar. Ill tell them. Good luck niall!(:' Louis texted me. 'Really? You'd do that for me? Well, then thanks louis.(: I think i finally found my princess." I said back. Then, Louis just looked at me, smiling and showed his phone to liam, then harry and zayn. They all went, "AWEEEEEEEEE! NIALL!!!!!" "What did he do that was so adoreable?" Taylor said. "Uh, i dont know." I said sarcastically then smiling. "Well, Me, Louis, Harry and Zayn will take the girls back to the studio to start practicing while Niall and Taylor will go get her guitar and tell her mom where they will be going." Liam said. I looked at her and we smilied at the same time. Ugh, i want to kiss her so bad!! I just want to wrap her in my arms and stay there forever.

( Soo, How'd You Guys Like It So Far?? Comment!!(: )

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