Robert The Haunted Doll

Robert The Haunted Doll

This doll is really freaky...

Chapter 1


That's a picture of him! Isn't he hideous.

I'm not really one to believe in haunted toys, (even though I've had an experience with a haunted doll) but this Robert doll gives me the creeps. His story is just as freaky as he is... if you wanna hear it, keep reading.

Well, it all started with Gene, a 10-year-old boy. Gene lived in a huge house with his family, and they had a lot of servants. One of the servants made a doll for Gene, Gene called the doll Robert. Gene's parents weren't at all concerned about Gene and Robert, until Gene was convinced that Robert was alive. Gene's parents of course didn't believe that Robert was alive, until they started to hear Gene talking to someone in his bedroom, it was an eerie voice. Every time Gene's parents came into Gene's room, it was only Gene, and of course, Robert. That's when things started getting creepy, or should I say creepier... Gene would wake up in the night seeing Robert at the foot of the bed, starring at him. Although nobody witnessed it but Gene, Gene claimed that Robert tortured him at night. This continued on until Gene was a man. Gene got married, and moved away. He and his wife lived in a medium sized house. Gene brought Robert to his house with him. He gave Robert a chair of his own, and set it beside his bed. Gene's wife felt an eerie feeling when Robert was in her presence, so Gene moved Robert to the attic, and set him in his chair in front of the window. When children passed the house, they claimed to see Robert moving around in front of the window, and they claimed to hear him laughing. After years, Gene died. Leaving his wife alone with Robert. Gene's wife never got rid of Robert, because she felt like Gene would have been glad is she kept him. When she died, a nice family moved in. Not long after, not knowing Robert's haunting secret, one of the children discovered Robert in the attic, and was instantly attached to him, but then, the same thing started happening to them. Then they wanted to get rid of him, but they decided to let other people know about Robert's haunting secret. Robert is now in a museum in Florida.
Like I said, I'm not really one to believe in haunted toys, but I just find this story creepy...


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