What makes you beautiful (A One Direction Love Story)

*need more authors!

Chapter 66


Everyone but Bella and Liam where at the movie store picking out movies. I picked up Monsters Inc and showed Louis, "Liam would love this." He wrapped his arms around my waist, "You won't get scared will you?" I playfully smacked his chest, "I'm not that easily scared." Just then Harry shook my shoulders from behind and yelled in my ears. I jumped and screamed so loud everyone turned to look at us. I turned around to see a laughing Harry and a giggling Morgan behind him, "Harry ******* Styles! I WILL kill you!!" He just stuck his tongue out and continued looking at the movies. I turned around with watery eyes to see Louis on the floor laughing. He stopped laughing and got up, " Ah, come on Brittany. You got to admit it was funny don't cry." I smiled and wiped my eyes, "I'm not really crying. It's just a reflex to being scared." He grabbed my hand and rounded up everyone. We started walking behind everyone to the hotel. Louis stopped in his tracks pulling me to a stop with him. I asked what was wrong and he kissed me. I smiled into the kiss, "What was that for?" He looked down, "I know you get hate like Bella does. I'm 5 years older than you. So how do you keep so strong?" I sighed, " I'm a cheerleader. I'm used to it. And its worth it. I would go through years of hate to be with you Louis Tomlinson." "I love you Brittany." "I love you Louis"

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