What makes you beautiful (A One Direction Love Story)

*need more authors!

Chapter 3

Brittany crashes into him...

I'm Brittany. I am from Tennessee.I like to sing, dance, cheer, stuff like that. I don't enjoy the way I look and my passion is cheering. I am one of the few cheerleaders in my small town that get to go to Great Britian and cheer with the proffesional cheerleaders.
-----------------------Great Britian-------------------------
I walked around the big gym. The place was amazing! And what was even better? I was standing in the spot that One Direction would be standing on, singing a song in an hour or two. I was just leaving when I bumped into a guy. I looked up to apologized and realized I was staring into the beautiful eyes of Louis Tomlinson. "Um. I..I..I..am..sorry, L Louis." I, somehow, managed to get out. He smiled at me "It's no problem. And your name is?" "uh...Brittany." "Well, hi Brittany. That's a nice name" "Thanks" Just then, another member of One Direction called him over, Zayn I think. "Well, I'll see you later, Brittany" And with that, he was gone. And I went outside and managed to not freak out, like I wanted to do.

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