What makes you beautiful (A One Direction Love Story)

*need more authors!

Chapter 2

Bella....meeting him

I am Bella I am from Austin, Texas. My talents are dancing, singing, playing sports and acting. But I love to play softball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer, I love to dance and cheer also. I am also a gymnist. I am really insecure about myself. I am seventeen about to be eightteen. I am on the American team for all of the sports I play. We are going Great Britian for Olympics right now for gymnastics. I am surprised I made the American team for the Olympics.
-------------------------------------Great Britian------------------------------------------------
I got of the airplane with the rest of the team and we all got into the bus waiting for us to go to the hotel. When we got to the hotel our coach said we can go look around at Great Britian but we all had to have a buddy and be in bed at ten and up by nine for breakfast so we can workout some. Me and my best friend Victoria went up to our room and put our stuff down and we went to go tour the wonderful place we are at. We we were so caught up in everything around us we weren't really paying attention to where we were walking and thats when I ran into someone. "Oh my bad I am so sorry" I said looking up to see a very handsome guy looking down at me. "Don't worry about it I am Liam Payne." he said smiling at me. "Nice to meet you I am Isabella Hayes but you can call me Bella." I said smiling back at him. "Why don't I show you and your friend around for alittle bit." "You can tell its our first time her?" "Yeah its not that hard to notice." Laim said after he chuckled. "Alright you can show us around then." I said smiling even bigger. At that moment everything turned out to be perfect for me.

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