What makes you beautiful (A One Direction Love Story)

*need more authors!

Chapter 1


Name:Isabella Hayes (Bella)
Age: 17
Love interest:Liam Payne
Where you are from: Austin, Texas
Talent:singing,dancing,playing sports,acting,gymnastics
Loves to do:play sports mostly softball,baseball,volleyball,and soccer,dancing,cheer,gymnastics
Other:Loves to dance but ballroom dancing,fun,outgoing,always smiling even though she has low self esteem, really insecure
Name: Brittany
Age: 14
Love interest (of One Direction what else?lol):louis tomlinson
Where you are from: tennessee
Talent: dancing
Loves to: read, dance, and sing
Other: cheer, swim fun stuff
Name: Morgan Tage
Age: 14
Love interest: Niall
Where you are from: Atlanta, Georgia
Talent: Dancing, cheerleading, and softball. Good singing voice.
Loves to do: Dancing (ballet and ballroom), cheerleading (for the local high school), and softball (professional, cross-country team).
Other: Likes to sing, and has a sweet voice, but doesn't pursue anything related to singing.

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