If My Chemical Romance went to Hogwarts, these would be their houses..

Random idea... just got bored.

Chapter 1


Gerard- Gryffindor for his bravery and will to get into action.
(Hey I got proof too! :P http://www.quibblo.com/user/BleedingForMCRandFOB/photoalbum/2221077 )

Ray- Ravenclaw, for his sensibility

Mikey- Hufflepuff because he's gentle, innocent, and sweet... and he's adorable and kind. (I don't like the house, but I respect Mikey, so yeah......)

Frank- Slytherin, since you can't tell what exactly is on his mind and he is good in tricking people... and he's hot. :)))

I noticed Ray and Frank got their killjoy colors for their houses (blue and green, respectively.) XD


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