Signs and Symptoms

A Poem

by Anthony J. Q.

Chapter 1

Signs and Symptoms

Warning! Signs ans symptoms of overdosing may lead to:
Or trouble concentrating
Please contact a doctor if you notice three or more of these symptoms withing twelve hours of using the medication. Serious side effects can result in death or serious injury. Please contact a doctor if you have (Or had in the past) Major depression, Bi-polar disorder or any other personality disorders.

Pop a pill, take a tablet.
Anything to make yourself feel better.
Positive outcomes aren't guarantee,
But here are the signs and symptoms.

If you feel weak or dizzy.
Faint and feverish.
Check if you've the right dosage.

If you are experiencing,
Anxiety, agitation,
A headache or depression.
Please talk to a doctor for further evaluation.

No, medication isn't good.
Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it's fine.
But what about when it's bad?
And put you in a drastic state of mind.

Serious signs may lead to:
Thoughts of suicide,
Self injury,
And death in certain cases.

Please call a doctor immediately,
If thoughts of suicide last longer,
Than two hours.

They have a pill for everything now.
It's true.
But what about the side effects.
What do they do?

Well my friend, I'll tell you.
The effects kill you from the inside out.
They leave you numb and broken.
Nothing to think about.

You mind is empty,
Your thoughts are blank.
You just want it to end.
And to death, you'll thank.

Less serious symptoms may include(But are not limited to):
Drowsiness, Dizziness,
Stomach pain,
Or weight gain.

Remember if there's something wrong,
Go to your doctor.
They'll pop you with pills faster,
Than anything you've every seen.

They'll dope you up on meds.
Stick you with needles.
And in serious cases,
They'll even keep you in the hospital.

But for the very best intentions they have.
So don't worry. Doped up, you'll laugh.
But be careful. Pills aren't a way for coping.

That's what they say.
But when do I give them the time of day?

So what if I take a pill.
I'll be numb enough not to feel.
I'll take some sleep meds.
And I'll be off to bed.

Judge me or don't.
I honestly can't care.
For the real person I am.
To see the sight is rare.


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