The Monster and the Knife [A Cato/Clove love story]

Chapter 1

When I was 10- The most annoying person I DONT know

Clove's P.O.V

I am sitting by the lake, messing around with some rocks. I love the lake. It makes me feel... peaceful. I have a hideout, a small tree curved inward right next to the lake, on the hill beside it, where I am hidden. It also has a nice amount of bracken, covering the spot where I am.

I hear laughing coming from my left, over by the beach. I crawl out of my hide-out and check to see who it is. Cato. Cato Opal. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, muscly, funny, and most annoying person I... don't know.

He's with his 3 best friends. Tyson, Walker, and James. They're all 11, including Cato.

"Sh, dude, I think I hear something.." whispers Cato. They are all looking in my direction. Obvoiusly they all heard me. So I run back into my hiding place.

"Hey, Clove! I see you. Come outa hiding!" shouts Walker.

Dangit. Now they know of my hiding place. I know there little routine. They find someone to annoy and they annoy them. Now they'll come annoy me. They'll go into my hiding place every single day and stay there, telling me stories about there day and making weird sounds and shouting to everyone that 'we're over here!'

I step out of my hiding place. "Hello, Cato," I sneer at him.

Cato and his pals raise their hands. "Woah, woah, woah, there, Clove. No need to be sasseh. We were just going swimming. Wanna join?" Cato grins at me. I shake my head.

"No. I hate you Cato. Everyone does! Get out of here!" I shout at him angrilly. Why am I so angry? Is it because Cato's parents are the richest people in District 2? Because I'm jelouse of him? Or just because he has the aura of a pig.

"You're choice, Clova." He says to me, grinning the most stunning smile I've seen in my life.

He runs to the edge of the beach, takes off his shirt, and turns to me. He has a 4-pack. Really? A 4-pack. It's surprising. I mean, he's only 11! It makes me even more mad for some reason. My brother doesn't even have a 4-pack and he's 15. He's been in training longer than all of us combined!

"See you around, Clova." They all say at the same time.

Cato... I now realize he's just trying to be nice to me. But it's to late to say I'm sorry to him. He's already in the middle of the lake. Maybe I'll tell him tommorow after school.

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