Please Stop

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Chapter 1

Please, Just Stop

by: The_Raven
Alright, being a founder of the Strawberry Alliance, I am not here to rant. I won't make accusations. I won't be rude.

I just want the hate to stop.

Whether you or I think a celebrity on here is real or fake, you have no right to rant about it and have people take sides again. If you really wanted the hate to stop, you wouldn't keep posting links about "fake" profiles or ranting or saying "delete me if you believe them"

We shouldn't be here to take sides in a fight, we should be here to stop it! So what I'm asking all of you is to stop making accusations and taking sides.

I'm not going to insult or defend anybody either. It isn't my place, and it isn't yours either.

We all have the right to believe what we want but we shouldn't hate eachother because of it. Its the same as all of you hating me because I'm Jewish, or because I have freckles.

So let's all please stop the hate and just be neutral. No more taking sides!



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