You've Got That One Thing (A Niall Horan Loove Story)

You've Got That One Thing (A Niall Horan Loove Story)

Name- Ellie Angle
Looks- like Ariana Grenade but with brow hair
Personality- Exactly like Louis Tomlinson's personality, loves to laugh and can take a joke, has a crazy personality, Loves lifee
Hobbies/Interests- Loves to sing, Loves to play sport especially soccer, loves to dance, can be a nerd sometimes. :D
Height- Short

Chapter 1

A shocked awakening.

"Liam?" I croked.
"Hello my little angle."
"Liam, why are you calling? You do know it's like 5 in the morning here right?"
Well i thought you'd like to know that I made it past boot camp!"
"Oh my god liam, congratulations!" I practically screamed into the phone.
"But thats not all, there letting family move in while were staying and i'd like to know if you'd like to stay with me in the X factor house?
"Oh my gosh really?!"
"Well yeah, why wouldn't i be?" He asked slightly confused.
"Well it's just that we haven't seen each other for like 8 years and thats a long time."
"Your like a little sister to me Ellie and we text and call each other everyday so yeah your basically family."
I smiled. "Thank you." i whispered.
"So thats a yes then?"
I gave a light laugh "Well it's defiantly not a no."
"Great! So text me the details of when you will be arriving and i'll pick you up from the airport?
"Yeah that'll be great thank's Liam."
"No worries love. But i best be off and let you sleep. Goodnight."
"Night Liam." And with that i hung up and fell back asleep dreaming of what liam now looks like and if anything about him has changed.

A/N ~ So what do you guy's think? :)

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