Hey, my dragons! Just poems...

Chapter 1

A place

Living in a world of fear,
A place that takes the ones you hold dear,
A place where secrets are known,
and covers are blown,
And the hiding are found,
and life is in the ground.

Living in a world of pain,
where everyone is vain,
A place where truth is lie,
and lots of tears hide,
behind the eyes,
where no one is wise
A place where love doesn't exist,
and everyone's on a waiting list.

This is a place where hate roams,
and where everyone is trapped in domes,

That's where I am alive,
That's where I deffinatly thrive,
And I don't know why I stay,
For I could run durring the day,
But I don't,
I won't.
Because this is a place,
This is my place.

This one's not that good, but I hope you like it. It's about a girl's life and how she hates it. And she describes it like this. A plave where love doesn't exist. I hope you enjoyed it. I've never been a good poet. But I was bored and I didn't have time to write a whole chapter to a story, so I made up a poem. Thanks for listening! Bye, my dragons!

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