A Twisted Fairytale ( gymdogs story contest so this isnt finished)

This is the story for gymdogs contest hope you like it ! Comment please !

Chapter 3


The Sevens. My unspeakable self, sworn into curiousity about these unfamiliar faces; well, they are familiar.

During my studies, I loved to read. Anything. Books are no more time wasted. Fairytales as a young girl, escpecially. I'd definitly rather be a princess, than the new girl at a ridiculously wierd school. One of my favorite fairytales, was about a young maid, who worked for the queen. She was so pretty; hair as black as night, and skin white as snow. That was her name, right? Snow White.

She went off in the forest, picking flowers, when a hunter sent from the queen was set off to kill this innocent soul. He refused, and Snow White set off into the forest to live. She saw animals, like people watching her, and they guided her to the closest way to protection.

Seven dwarfs. Each unique, in their own.............little ways. The Seven boys in the room, not paying even the slightest attention to me.

" So what exactly is....... The Sevens?", I ask. " We're friends. We stick together, and try to avoid most of this sea of hate.", Arnold says, as he is concentrating on a math equation. Harsh. But, life is harsh. "This is homeroom.Where our only chance of freedom is. And it ends........now".

Creepy directs me to my next class, head down, face with no emotion. "Here.", he says, as he walks away and doesn't look back. "Morning class! Please turn your books to page 385 chapter 13. We have a lot of work to-", the teacher says.
"You must be our new student.", he says, as he looks at me with a smile. Everyone is watching me, everyone waiting for me to speak. " M- morning", I studder.
"Mr.M?How do I look today?",a girl asks. "Like the fairest of the land, Elizabeth.", he says.

"You may call me Mr.M", he requests. Take a seat where you'd like",. The fairest of the land. First of all, I think it's quite rude you would ask a teacher if you were....pretty.
Second, I believe that the girl who asked that infuriating question is indeed beautiful, but needs to work on her manners. Of course, every seat is taken, except for the seat to the right of her. To the left, is a very handsome boy, who she is rapidly licking her lips at.

I walk forward slowly, and slightly look to the right and left of the people in the classroom. Setting my books down on the wooden desk, I sit down in the seat, and it makes a screeching squeak that echoes across the room. The boy tries to look at me,but his view is blocked by the girl's long blonde hair. I stare at him, waiting for a response. He turns his head to where he can see me; his brown eyes staring trait into mine. I look down, and escape what thatwas.

The girl notices us, and kisses him on his soft lips. Her hands planted on his face, she turns, and gives me a pure evil look. But, what do I have to worry about?

Someday My Prince Will Come.

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