A Twisted Fairytale ( gymdogs story contest so this isnt finished)

This is the story for gymdogs contest hope you like it ! Comment please !

Chapter 1

A Twisted Fairytale

It's been a week since the funeral of my loyal mother. Living in the small town of Galena, Illinois, this place has absolutely no affect on me. My father, proud to be governor of this unknown place, expects me to be happy. Happier than my mom is in heaven; possibly. That's what I call family. A father. And a mother that isn't even here. Oh, and that girl in the mirror.

School isn't that great either. Atleast, I don't think it'll be. Today's my first day of tenth grade. I've been homeschooled all my life. When I was seven years old, I would look out the window to see girls my age with curls and dolls, only to feel as if there's a hole in my heart. At the age of 12, everyone had some sort of devices in their hands. I wanted one so badly. I still don't know what they are. But I think someone called it a ..fone? Or was it pone?I dont know. My father carries one around,though.

Now, at the age of 16,I remain curious, searching for adventure in this hopeless place I call home. And hopefully I can find that adventure. Soon.

"Rosalinda! Get up!", I hear my dad say with no care what so ever. It's so sunny outside today. Too sunny. "Rosalinda", my dad sighs. "Please get up. What did I ever do to you?", he whines, still no expression on his face. My dad is Italian. Quite Italian. All he eats is pizza, and all he does is nag. Most Italian people make the best of things, not my father. All he cares about is work.

I finally get dressed, deciding i'm tired of his constant rambling on. "What to wear on the first day?", I mumble. I start shuffling through my closet, trying to figure out the right outfit to wear. Not too goth, not too hippie. Not too open, not too nerdy. Considering I don't even exist to many people in Galena, I don't know how amazing my fashion sense will be. I have no choice but to dress like my curious, lonely self.

I dress in jeans, and a dark brown tank with a light brown blouse. Extreme colors aren't my thing, but i'm not totally what I think people call "goth". Galenan slang is so wierd to me, and it's one of those things that aren't on my bucketlist.

Writing has always been of my best interest. I could write about anything. A noble prince, and a captured princess. A life full of hate but a heart full of love. A risen empire, but a fallen faith. Anything. But, who am I kidding?

My life is a twisted fairytale.

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