Wanna know more about me? Here ya go..


Chapter 1

25 foods I like and 10 foods I hate :)

1. Bacon
2. Chicken
3. Shrimp (As you can obviously tell already I'm not a vegetarian.)
4. Eggs
5. Turkey
6. Carne Asada
7. Tacos
8. Lemons (weird right)
9. Marshmallows
10. Blueberries
11. Jolly ranchers
12. Spam Musubis (If you don't know, look it up)
13. Cheesecake (swifties will spot the Taylor in this)
14. Oreos
15. Whipped cream
16. Split pea soup
17. Peaches
18. Salmon
19. Sushi
20. Bagels
21. Calamari
22. Pad Thai
23. Fried rice (As a matter of fact all rice)
24. Mushrooms (some of you will think this is gross)
25. White chocolate

1. Olives
2. Pickles
3. Blue cheese
4. Plain tomatoes
5. Onions (I like the flavor it gives, but I will not eat it)
6. Mustard
7. Relish
8. Creamy chicken pasta (school lunch has left me scarred. I won't eat lunch when they serve that.)
9. Raisins... Ugh
10. Spinach

More to come, tell me what you want to know..

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