~Cover Girl~

Chapter 1

Cover Girl by Big Time Rush

I do NOT own this song!! All rights go to BTR! and whatever studio they record at. And Kendall wrote this song so the lyrics are credited to him! :D

I posted this because a lot of girls including myself are insecure so I thought I'd cheer you guys up! :)


I don't know why you always get so insecure
I wish you could see what I see
When you're looking in the mirror
And why won't you believe me
When I say that to me you get more beautiful every day

When you're looking at the magazines
And thinking that you'll never measure up
You're wrong

Cause you're my cover, cover girl
I think you're a superstar
Yeah, you are
Why don't you know?
Yeah, you're so pretty that it hurts
It's what's underneath your skin
Beauty that shines within
You're the only one that rocks my world
My cover girl

Oh oh oh my cover girl
Oh oh oh

You walk in rain boots on a perfect summer day
Somehow you always see the dark side
When everything's ok
And you wear baggy clothes
That camouflage your shape
Whoa but you know that I love you
Just the way you're made

When you're looking at the magazines
And thinking that you're just not good enough
You're so wrong baby


You've got a heart of gold
A perfect original
Wish you would stop being so hard
On yourself for a while
And when I see that face
I'd try a thousand ways
I would do anything to make you smile


(repeat x3)
Oh oh oh
My cover girl


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