Complicated Times (Jerusha Saga)

Complicated Times (Jerusha Saga)

Robert Sage is dead, and now Jerusha and Zak are finally together. But then, there comes marriage for them, and then suddenly... Jerusha is having twins. Not only that, but there's a lot more complicated things coming, like Edward, Bella, and Rennesme coming, and then the vampires think Edward betrayed them, which will probably cause a war between vampires and Magic-Sties. Now there's a lot of complicated things happening for Jerusha, Zak, and their family.

Chapter 1

Summarizing the Chain of Events

My life, as Jerusha Howe, was completely different from now. My life, as Jerusha Howe, back in the 1800s, was nothing like this. Nothing. Not at all. My life, back in the 1800s, seemed as though as if it would be amazing. I was single, and since I've wanted to find someone to love me for so long, I decided to draw pictures of me and someone else being together. Of course, my older sisters Annabelle and Ray-la would make fun of me, but my older brother Cameron wouldn't, and Rhondi wouldn't because she was just a little kid, and she wouldn't make fun of me, even if she hardly talked, because she loved me. I did miss my family, though. That's the only thing I missed from two centuries ago.
Then came Robert Sage, and now I wondered, why did I ever let him get involved with my life?
Robert Sage seemed like a great man. He was very nice when I had met him, and supposedly, he had similar things in common with me, like having brown hair, brown eyes, and we both loved drawing and sketching. Then, we had fallen in love and hung out together and had so much fun and then-
It all came falling down when Robert said he was summoned back for his job.
Had he really been summoned because of his job? Probably not.
But, at that time, I didn't know. I was too upset, and I was going to miss him terribly, but he promised me. He had promised me, and he lied to me. He had promised... that he'd be back.
But, he never returned.
That's when one night, I prayed hard to God, and to every angel, that if Robert never ever came back and didn't love me anymore, I wanted to find someone better, someone who would truly love me, someone who was amazing.
And it worked. Right in one night, I was transferred to 2012.
And that's when Zak came into my life.
And now he's in my life now. He came into my life unexpectedly, but once we met each other finally, we both had fallen in love with each other. And I had also met Nick, Aaron, and Brittany. They're definitely awesome.
So, then, Zak and I kept hanging out, and to this day, I still remember our first kiss, which was right after the dance, and we were sitting on the edge of the beautiful fountain in the night.
And now, I was in love with him, and I don't believe I'll ever stop loving him.
I honestly, and truly, love you, Zak Bagans.

What did you guys think of my first chapter?! Good? Bad? Okay? Awesome? Terrible? You tell me your own opinions and what you think of the first chapter so far! Thanks! :D

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