Story Contest!!!

Hey, my dragons! I'm making a story contest! Please, please participate! Prizes for the top three! Details below.

Chapter 1


Hey, my lovely dragons! So, I decided to make a contest. I would really appreciate it if you participate in it. The top three winners will get a prize! Not a real life one, but something I can do on quibblo. So here are the details:
What about: It has to take place from one of my photos. It can be any one you want. It doesn't really matter to me. And I prefer it not to be a fan fiction but an original. But if you want, you can make a fan fiction.
Dates: It starts when you sign up. You just comment on one of my photos saying this is what you want your story to be about and then I'll know what you entered. It ends May 30th 2012. So all stories must be in by May 30th 2012 at noon. And you must include in the title something like "For Zori's contest" Or something like that.
Prizes: First Place: Gets to choose what I change my nickname to.
Second Place: Chooses my profile Picture. (Nothing inappropriate.)
Third Place: I will send a message to everyone I can saying that you should be added as a friend.
Extra: The characters don't have to be human. And the book must be atleast two chapters that are a latleast a little bit long. Just a little. You can make them really long if you want, buut I only require a little bit long. :).Everything must be rated R or under. I don't want to say PG thirteen because I don't mind there being curse words in the stories. Normally my books have curse words so I don't mind.
Thanks for Participating! I really would like to read some of your books! And the book doesn't have to be finished. And message me if you have any questions! Thanks! And message me just for fun! Please!


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