My Dreams Are Insane.

So...I was studying for my history test. After 2 hours of reading the book and reviews (and some texts from Young_And_Loaded), I krashed. (Krashed= crashed= fell asleep) on my book. Drooled over my notes, but all that doesn't matter. I had the SICKEST WICKEDEST dream! Here it goes...!

Chapter 1

"The End Of The Begining"

I was watching a fight to death going on, there was a dude no older than 16, a chick tied up around his same age, and fire burning the whole place! The dude kept trying to fight with a guy (which I couldn't see beacause the flames were too high or the smoke was in the way) when he gets pushed down the cliff into the ocean, the gurl shouts out and he's uncouncious, and weirdest of all was the music playing 
"Evil is shown with the scar on his face,
He must determine his very own faith,
The Sky is grumbling
The ground is crumbling" and so on! At the end it was like "The gurl is scared,
The pain she must bare,
Going through fire and ashes
Fire is catching,
This war doesn't end,
Promises break,
No hero would dare to be in his place,
She with the bond,
Will save him,
before he's gone,
She must win the fight 
Before...(The Sky is grumbling)
All....(The ground is crumbling)
Is...(fighting today, nowhere is safe)
(battle scream and a call for help) LOST...!"
I'm going to try and write all the lyrics down, no its not a song by a band. They're like lyrics made up from my head! Anyone think I should make it to a story/book-ish/novel thing? Comment or whatever!


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